What is Meibutsu in Japanese Katana terminology?

"Meibutsu" (名物) refers to famous swords and other types of blades from ancient times. Many of these have been given nicknames or titles. Generally, it is believed to refer to the items listed in the ""Kyoho Meibutsu Cho"" (享保名物帳), a catalogue compiled in 1719 (the 4th year of the Kyoho era) by the thirteenth head of the Honami family, Kōchū, at the behest of the eighth shogun, Tokugawa Yoshimune. Kōchū conducted a survey of ancient famous works and compiled the results in this catalogue.

This term reflects the historical significance and cultural value of these famous swords. The fact that many of these swords were given nicknames or titles underscores their unique characteristics and the esteem in which they were held. The compilation of the ""Kyoho Meibutsu Cho"" by Honami Kōchū at the behest of Tokugawa Yoshimune highlights the importance placed on preserving and documenting these famous works. This catalogue continues to serve as a valuable resource for understanding the history and characteristics of these famous swords."

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