What is Tsukare in Japanese Katana terminology?

"""Tsukare"" (疲れ) refers to the condition of a sword when the core steel (""Shingane"") becomes exposed or the surface becomes rough due to repeated sharpening. In contrast to a healthy sword, which is close to its original state when it was made, the term ""Tsukare"" allows us to compare how much the sword has been worn down (or how tired it is).

This term reflects the impact of maintenance practices, such as sharpening, on the condition of the sword. Repeated sharpening can expose the core steel and roughen the surface, which can affect the sword's performance and aesthetic appeal. The ability to compare the current condition of the sword with its original state provides valuable information about the sword's history and the extent of its use. This underscores the importance of proper maintenance in preserving the quality and longevity of the sword."

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