What is Jizou Boushi in Japanese Katana terminology?

The term ""地蔵帽子"" (Jizou Boushi) refers to a type of tempering pattern on a Japanese sword where the pattern starts to waver around the Yokote line, and returns in a rounded shape towards the tip of the blade. The name ""Jizou Boushi"" comes from the fact that the wavering pattern on the tempered edge, which returns in a rounded shape, resembles the side view of a Jizo statue sitting down. This pattern is often seen in the works of swordsmiths from Mino Province during the late Muromachi period.

The Yokote line is a line that separates the body of the blade from the tip, and the pattern of the blade that appears on the tip/cutting edge of a sword is called ""Boushi"". The ""Jizou Boushi"" is a unique and artistic expression of the swordsmith's skill, and it is highly valued by sword enthusiasts and collectors.

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