Swords, Katana, Knives from Romanceofmen. Damascus knives and more

We have the best collection of anime swords from Japanese Anime's like Demon Slayer. These real life Nichirin katanas are handmade from forge to complete finish by master craftsman. It's not just a prop replica, they are full tang & fully functional

Katana is the soul of Japan. Our Katanas are handmade, full tang and battle ready. Perfect for actual practice and tameshigiri. wide range of blade material and saya selection, you can customize your own katana as well

Ninjato ( Ninja Sword ) is a straight Japanese sword. that looks similar to Tang Dao and Chinese Dao. It's convenient, easy to disguise and suitable for fight in narrow space

Chinese sword is a famous weapon that can be dated back to thousands years ago. Jian is a straight, double edged versatile sword that’s widely used in China