• How Was the Katana Made in Ancient Japan?

    Nowadays, you can build your own katana sword, customizing them according to your taste and requirement. But things were not that easy in ancient Japan. Only a few authorized swordsmiths were allowed to make katana swords only for the samurai soldiers of the emperor.In ancient Japan, swordsmiths collected the raw metals from iron sands and forged them in a controlled method. To make the...
  • Build Your Own Katana: A Complete Guide

    Build Your Own Katana: A Complete Guide  If you're a martial artist, a collector, or a history buff, you've probably dreamed of owning a katana sword at some point in your life. A personalized katana is a sophisticated way to express someone's distinctive personality. But you must know the background and composition of a Katana,  before you can own one that best suits your...
  • Samurai swords for sale in Canada

    Know what to looking for when buying Katana in Canada
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