• How to wrap a katana handle? A Step by Step guide for Katana Handle Wrapping

    The katana, a symbol of the samurai's soul, has attractive countless enthusiasts and historians around the world with its sleek design and legendary sharpness. Even you are buying the katana for decoration, it’s difficult to resist the desire of actually using it. Whether you just use the katana for light cutting in your backyard, or you are a serious kenjutsu practitioner, Handle (Tsuka) is...
  • What can katana cut - mythbusting and fact checking

    Welcome to our myth-busting and fact-checking journey as we delve into the world of the legendary Japanese sword - the Katana. There are countless tales and misconceptions about what a Katana can cut through. From slicing through machine gun barrels to effortlessly severing other swords, the Katana has been attributed with almost magical abilities. But what’s the reality behind these claims? Let’s separate fact...
  • Wakizashi Complete guide to learn about this famous sword

    Wakizashi: Everything You Need To Know Throughout history, the Samurai used many different weapons and tools. Some of them were ceremonial, some were for practical combat. Most people are familiar with flashier weapons like the Uchigatana, which has become a cultural icon. Fewer people know about the battle weapons like Kodachi and Tachi. Secondary weapons like Wakizashi and Tanto pretty much always stay in...
  • Tanto: Everything You Need To Know About This Small Katana

    The romantic portrayals of samurais in movies, T.V. shows, comics, and animes have captivated audiences worldwide. Other than the discipline and honour by which they live, numerous other aspects of their unique lives are sure to catch a person's attention. Of course, their beautiful and deadly weapon is one of those! Today I will examine the Tanto, a unique weapon samurai used. Samurai in...
  • Are Katanas One-Handed?

    The Katana, a traditional Japanese sword, is a symbol of the samurai and a masterpiece of craftsmanship. Its sleek, curved design has been immortalized in countless movies and anime, from the skilled samurai in Akira Kurosawa’s films to the iconic characters in “Rurouni Kenshin” and “Bleach”. However, one question often arises for those unfamiliar with this weapon: is the Katana a one-handed or two-handed...
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