Custom Samurai Armor (Tosei Gusoku style)

$2,000.00 $1,800.00

Our custom samurai armor is handmade, full size and fully functional. But for safety reason, we still don't recommend using it for actual battle like IMCF, samurai armor isn't the best choice against blunt weapons. If you are a fan of samurai culture, putting on our armor and wielding a katana will really bring you back to the Sengoku era.

Our samurai armor isn't 100% historically accurate. You might see components from different era putted together. This custom armor and its components are based on Tosei gusoku (当世具足) style, if you want a ō-yoroi (大鎧)style armor, the easy pick and custom feature isn't available yet, please contact us to customize your ō-yoroi.

Our armors are handmade, made to order, we will ask your body measurements before begin the order, to minimize the chance of bad fitting. And because the armors are handmade from scratch, if you need customization beyond our offered options, you can email us to see if we can do it for you. We have experience in samurai armor and we will sure able to customize what you need. 

Armor detail:

Maximum Height: 205 cm / Maximum Weight: 172KG

Main Material:Cold rolled steel 0.8mm / Lacquer / Cotton / Hemp / Silk etc

Armor Customization Guideline (Read Before Order): 

*The custom armor is based  on the model of the photo*

If the option photos are not clear enough, click here is the video to better demonstrate how the look in real life

Whole Armor Steel Color:

custom armor steel color selection

Decide the main color for your samurai armor steel. Black and red are the most popular choice among our customers, and in history as well. But other color like blue, silver, patterns, they look just awesome. 

Whole Armor Lace Color: 

custom armor lace color selection

The cord used to connect small armor plates (小札) is called Odoshi-ito (縅毛). the cords are important parts to the samurai armor's functionality and aesthetic value. The cords are more visually significant to ō-yoroi, because it contributes to the vibrant look that distinguish samurai armor from the other famous armors. This option allows you to decide the lace color for the whole armor to achieve an unified look. 

Armor Fabric Option:

Custom samurai armor fabric selection

You can decide the color / pattern of the inner fabric used in your armor. 

Specify Steel Color for different parts

You can customize steel color for different parts, we also support advanced customization to use different color for different plates, for example Shikoro, you can ask for first plate with red color, second with black color etc. This customization will need to be discussed by email. 

Specify Lace Color for different parts

You can customize lace color for different parts, we also support advanced customization to use different color for different plates, for example Shikoro, you can ask for first row of lace with red color, second with black color etc. This customization will need to be discussed by email. 

Maedate Types

The decoration part in the front part of a Kabuto, is called Maedate (前立), in Japanese it litereally means "front stand". We offer 2 types of Maedate, one is a metal plate with Kamon embodied, other is all kinds of ornaments.

Maedate Kamon Plate

After you selected "Plate with Kamon" in the Maedate types, a list of many famous Japanese Kamon will be available for selection. If you don't like the listed Kamon, you can even design your own, select DIY (design my own) and send us your artwork by email, we will discuss with you how to put your design on your amor. 

Material used: Copper 

Maedate Ornament

After you selected"ornament" in the Mandate types, a list of different ornaments will be available for selection. The iconic kuwagata (鍬形)shape  maedate can be found here. Japanese didn't limit their imagination on the helmet decoration, you will find many interest maedate in history (to give you an idea, Fuji mountain). If you want to replicate one from history, or even design one for your own, feel free to email with this advanced customization request. 

Material used: Copper, some wood. 


Wakidate (脇立) refers to the ornaments in both side of the Kabuto. The word Wakidate literally means (Side stand). Buffalo horns, deer horns are the most popular options.  Again, you can design your own wakidate, email us with your idea. 

Material used: Copper, real horn.

Kabuto Rivet (Decorative)

Decide if you want the rivets on the Kabuto or not, this is a Zunari style Kabuto (头型兜), the rivets on it are decorative only. 

Fukigaeshi Kamon

Fukigaeshi (吹返) is to protect the face from arrow attacks, which were common in horseback combat, during the Heian period, thus you will see a larger fukigaeshi on ō-yoroi which is widely used in that time. Fukigaeshi on this custom armor set is smaller, we think large fukigaeshi will look strange on a Tosei gusoku so we don't provide larger fukigaeshi option here. 

Our fukigaeshi customization offer 2 options, you can select simply. fukigaeshi, or add a Kamon ornament to the fukigaeshi. 

Menpo Nose Types

Decide if you want to hook nose or normal nose on your menpo (面铠). Our Menpo nose part is detachable, wearing it will feel much comfortable.

Menpo Beard

Decide if you want no beard, mustache or long beard for your menpo. 

Ring Behind Kabuto

This ring is used to hang decoration, you can decide want it or not. 

Do Printing

It's common to print the Kamon on the Do (胴), you can print your selected Kamon, or design something to print on it. 

Kamon On Yaguke

Decide if you want your selected Kamon on the hand guard. 

Suneate Type

We offer 2 types of Suneate (臑当), #1 is the 篠臑当Shino Suneate, made of small plates, thus more flexible and lighter.  #2 is the 筒臑当 Tsutsu suneate, it is an entire plate, provides more protection but it's heavier. 

 Armor Parts Explanation: 

Custom samurai armor Kabuto selectionCustom samurai armor maedate kamonCustom samurai armor maedate ornamentsCustom samurai armor wakidate selectionCustom samurai armor shikoro selectionCustom samurai armor menpo selectionCustom samurai armor tare selectionCustom samurai armor do selectionCustom samurai armor kusazuri selectionCustom samurai armor sode selectionCustom samurai armor kote selectionCustom samurai armor haidate selectionCustom samurai armor suneate

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