• Did Samurai Use Katanas?

    Did Samurai Use Katanas? Throughout history, the Samurai had to fulfill many military and bureaucratic roles, and each field required different weapons. So, did Samurai use katanas? Short answer is yes, but not as frequently as you might think. The Katana is the most recognized samurai weapon, courtesy of orientalism and mass media references, but that’s not their only or even major weapon. The Samurai...
  • What is Yumi the Japanese bow?

    The bow is a tool made to shoot targets at a distance with arrows, utilizing the elasticity of materials like wood and bamboo. A bow consists of the main body, the "bowstave," and the "string." When explaining in combination with arrows, it is called a "bow and arrow". In Japan, it has evolved from a hunting tool to a weapon and then to a...
  • What is Japanese Tanegashima Gun (hinawajū)?

    Contrary to popular belief, the samurai's armory extends beyond their renowned katana and traditional samurai armor; they are also skilled users of firearms, a testament to their adaptive combat abilities. Matchlock guns in Japan, also called Tanegashima Gun, hinawajū. It was arrived on Tanegashima during the Sengoku period and greatly influenced the Japanese warfare. This article will explain how these weapons actually spread across Japan and...
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