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We just launch our custom Wakizashi product, for a limited time, it's on promotion for $140 only, get yours soon before the promotion ends. 

Lead time: 20 Business Days

Standard Size Info:

Overall Length: 76 cm / 30 Inch

Blade Length: 52 cm / 20 Inch (Full Tang Blade)

Handle Length: 24 cm / 9.4 Inch

Blade Thickness : 0.6cm / 0.23 Inch

*Slight size difference is expected, they are handmade products*

Wakizashi, literally translating to "side inserted", is a traditional Japanese sword with a short blade between 30 and 60 cm (12 and 24 inches), or in Japanese ancient measurement unit, about 2 shaku, similar to but shorter than a katana(uchigatana).The wakizashi was a samurai's secondary weapon for close-quarter combat and usually pairs with katana as a "daisho" set.

Unlike the uchigatana, which is intended for open combat, the wakizashi is perfectly designed for indoor fighting where space is limited. Its shorter length is ideal for swift, precise cuts and thrusts when engaging an enemy at close range. Owning a wakizashi connects you directly to the samurai tradition, fulfilling your dream of living their honorable and disciplined way of life.

With our custom wakizashi feature, you have the opportunity to craft a unique, personalized weapon. Choose your preferred blade, saya (scabbard), tsuba (hand guard), and more, to create your ideal representation of this historically significant sword. Embrace the legacy of the samurai by designing and owning your custom wakizashi today.

Wakizashi Blade Material options:

Your intended usage for the custom wakizashi will determine the most suitable steel options for its blade. If you're a beginner with swords or intend to use the wakizashi primarily for decorative purposes or light cutting, we suggest choose for carbon steel or manganese steel. especially the colored blades, they offer a visually pleasing aesthetic while remaining fully functional.

For those interested in cutting practice (tameshigiri), we recommend blades made from spring steel. This type of steel is more flexible and won't easy to break, making it ideal for beginner to practice their cutting skills.

For users seeking a premium experience, our pattern steel and T10 steel options offer the perfect balance of beauty and practicality. These high-quality materials are great for both decoration and regular use, providing a luxurious touch to your custom wakizashi.

Wakizashi Steel options1Wakizashi Steel options2Wakizashi Steel options3

 Wakizashi Saya Options:

The saya, or sheath of the Wakizashi, often delivers the first impression of the sword when it's in storage. Its choice, therefore, becomes a personal expression of your style and taste. You may choose a simple wooden saya, exuding natural elegance, or opt for a colored variant for a pop of personality. Alternatively, you may prefer a classic design featuring traditional Japanese motifs, seamlessly blending heritage and aesthetics. The choice is entirely up to you, allowing your Wakizashi to be as unique as its owner.

Wakizashi Saya options1Wakizashi Saya options2Wakizashi Saya options3

Wakizashi Tsuba Options:

The Tsuba, is the Wakizashi's handguard, plays a pivotal role in both functionality and aesthetics. We provide a broad range of Tsuba options, crafted from materials like iron, alloy, or copper. All are designed to be fully functional, providing optimal hand protection during use.

Our Tsuba selection covers a variety of themes, from the beauty of nature, featuring animals and flowers, to mythology-based designs influenced by ancient Japanese myths and legends, and even samurai-themed pieces. Each Tsuba design adds a unique touch to your Wakizashi, allowing you to choose the one that aligns best with your vision of the perfect sword.

Custom Wakizashi Tsuba Options1Custom Wakizashi Tsuba Options2Custom Wakizashi Tsuba Options3Custom Wakizashi Tsuba Options4Custom Wakizashi Tsuba Options5Custom Wakizashi Tsuba Options6Custom Wakizashi Tsuba Options7Custom Wakizashi Tsuba Options8Custom Wakizashi Tsuba Options9Custom Wakizashi Tsuba Options10Custom Wakizashi Tsuba Options11Custom Wakizashi Tsuba Options12Custom Wakizashi Tsuba Options13Custom Wakizashi Tsuba Options14Custom Wakizashi Tsuba Options15Custom Wakizashi Tsuba Options16Custom Wakizashi Tsuba Options17

Habaki Options:

Habaki is a little metal collar in the blade, to keep the blade secure in the saya. We offer various design habaki for your custom ninjato.

Custom Wakizashi Habaki Options1Custom Wakizashi Habaki Options2Custom Wakizashi Habaki Options3

Ito & Sageo Options:

The Ito wrapping on the Wakizashi significantly contributes to the sword's overall quality. A securely bound Ito wrapping enhances your grip comfort, ensuring the Wakizashi remains firmly in your hand and under your control at all times. In our custom Wakizashi, we utilize real ray skin, or Samegawa, for the handle wrap. This premium material not only adds an authentic touch but also elevates the aesthetic and tactile experience of wielding the wakizashi.Custom Wakizashi Ito Sageo option

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