Custom Ninjato Build your own Ninja sword

$180.00 $150.00

We just launch our custom Ninjato product, for a limited time, it's on promotion for $150 only, get yours soon before the promotion ends. 

Lead time: 20 Business Days

Standard Size Info:

Overall Length: 102cm / 40 Inch

Blade Length: 72cm / 28.3 Inch (Full Tang Blade)

Handle Length: 30cm / 11.8 Inch

Blade Thickness : 0.7cm / 0.27 Inch

*Slight size difference is expected, they are handmade products*

Ninjato, litereally means "Ninja sword", is a straight, single edged Japanese sword. Actually it's not a real weapon, at least so far we don't have evenidence prove it's existince in history, it's a creation from modern anime and movies about ninjas. Ninjato is designed for close combat, unlike the curved uchigatana, ninjato is straight, so it's better for stabing instead of cutting. Owning a ninjato will fulfill your ninja dream. In our custom ninjato feature, you can full customize your own ninjato, select your desired blade, saya, tsuba etc, and build your dream ninja sword.

Ninjato Blade Material options:

Depends on how you plan to use your ninjato, we have various steel options for your ninjato's blade. If you are new to swords and plan to use the ninjato mainly for decoration, light cutting, we recommend carbon steel, or manganese steel, especailly the colored blades, they are great looking and still fully functional. If you want mainly for cutting practice (tameshigiri), spring steel is our recommendation because it's more flexible and won't easily break. Pattern steel and T10 steels are premium steel, great for both decoration and actual use.

Ninjato Steel options1Ninjato Steel options2Ninjato Steel options3

 Ninjato Saya Options:

Saya is the sheath of the ninjato, it's usually the first impression when the sword is stored. You can select a saya based on your own taste, it could be a simply wood saya, a colored one, or classic design with Japanese traditional motif.

Ninjato Saya options1Ninjato Saya options2Ninjato Saya options3

Ninjato Tsuba Options:

Tsuba is the handguard of the ninjato. We offer large selection of different tsubas, in iron, alloy or copper material. They are all fully functional and protetive for your hand, and in various themes. Nature themes like animal, flowers, Mythlology themes inspired by Japanese ancient myth and legends, samurai themes etc. You can find one that best fit your ninjato design.

 Custom Ninjato Tsuba Options1Custom Ninjato Tsuba Options2Custom Ninjato Tsuba Options3Custom Ninjato Tsuba Options4Custom Ninjato Tsuba Options5Custom Ninjato Tsuba Options6Custom Ninjato Tsuba Options7Custom Ninjato Tsuba Options8Custom Ninjato Tsuba Options9Custom Ninjato Tsuba Options10Custom Ninjato Tsuba Options11Custom Ninjato Tsuba Options12Custom Ninjato Tsuba Options13Custom Ninjato Tsuba Options14Custom Ninjato Tsuba Options15Custom Ninjato Tsuba Options16Custom Ninjato Tsuba Options17

Habaki Options:

Habaki is a little metal collar in the blade, to keep the blade secure in the saya. We offer various design habaki for your custom ninjato.

Custom Ninjato Habaki Options1Custom Ninjato Habaki Options2Custom Ninjato Habaki Options3

Ito & Sageo Options:

The Ito wrapping plays an important role in ninjato quality. A tight ito wrapping can make your grip much more comfortable, so you don't need to worry about the ninjato slip out of your hand, and have full control of the sword. For our custom ninjato, the samegawa is real ray skin, this is more expensive and not common to see at this price point. Custom Ninjato Ito Sageo option

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