The Rengoku Kyojuro2 Handmade Katana Manganese Steel From Demon Slayer

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Product Name: Rengoku Kyojuro 2
Overall Length: 41” /104 cm
Blade Length: 28” /71 cm
Blade Material: Manganese steel Red
Blade Thickness:0.276” /0.7 cm
Blade Hardness:55 HRC
Blade Grind: Convex
Weight (Sword Only): 39 oz /1.1 kg
Weight (With Sheath): 46 oz /1.3 kg
Sheath Material:Paint & Wood

Description :

1- Sharp,Sturdy and fully functional Katana, great for actual practicing or collection
2- Full tang, made of hand-forged Manganese steel.using traditional heat treatment method to increase the hardness of the edge
3- Standard length, perfect balance, comfortable grip,
4- Beautifully crafted, included all traditional katana elements. The blade is hand polished using ancient method.

* This is not a toy! Make sure you are using with care.
* Clean and oil it after each usage.

* Stand is for display only, it's not included. Stand is for sale separately 

About our Kyojuro Rengoku2 Katana

First of all, we all love donut!

Kyojuro Rengoku is the flame hashira in the Demon Slayer. He was born in a hashira family, his father Shinjuro Rengoku was the former flame hashira. But Kyojuro didn’t become flame hashira because of his father, he totally earn it. He is a extraordinary skilled swordsman, super talented, masters all flame breathing techniques. He could defeat the lower rank two of the Twelve Kizuki, that makes him more than qualified to be a Hashira.

Kyojuro was a swordsman of unparalleled skill, a very passionate person who always bring positive energy to the air. Kyojuro was also known for his great kindness and amiability. He had a pure heart, willing to sacrifice himself to help others. When he first met Tanjiro and Nezuko, he couldn’t understand how can a demon contain herself and not to hurt human, and insist on getting rid of Nezuko, and publish Tanjiro. But with time he saw the special bond between the brother and sister, and Nezuko’s strong willing to restrain herself, he eventually accept them and even have Tanjiro as his Tsuguko.

In the Mugen Train, when facing the powerful demon Akaza, who physically excess human limits. Kyojuro suffered many fatal wounds but never once back down. He successfully saved the entire train and almost defeat Akaza. Akaza is the upper ran three of the Twelve Kizuki, that means he is the fourth most powerful demon on earth, Kyojuro’s sacrifice was remarkable.

Kyojuro Rengoku’s Nichirin Katana

Rengoku wields a standard size Nichirin katana, the blade has flame pattern on it, and with the word “Destroy Demons” (惡鬼滅殺) engraved. The tsuba is also like a flame shape, in red and orange color. In the anime the Saya is white and grey.

How we recreate the Rengoku Katana

First of all, we specialized in real katana, not props katana, so when we design this katana, we were designing a real, fully functional katana, not just a show piece. That means there are things from the anime or manga that we can’t 100% replicate because they are not realistic possible.

For the blade, we use a red colored manganese katana blade with wavy pattern. The Red color is result of using high temperature to heat up the steel. It’s not paint, it looks more nature and eye catching.

For the Saya, we used black saya with Red stain pattern on it. We have another pattern steel Rengoku katana design using a white saya, so for this one we decide to try something dark.

For the Tsuba. it’s an alloy recreation of the flame shape tsuba from the anime. It’s sturdy and hard, provide good protection to your hand.

For the Sageo, we used white cotton, and orange samegawa. The color really match the red manganese steel blade.

FAQ about Rengoku

1. How old was Rengoku when he died?
One of the most loved and fan favorite characters, Kyojuro Rengoku died at the young age of 20. Despite his short lifespan, he made his life meaningful and worthwhile. He became the Frame Hashira at such a young age and stillas humble. Never boasting about his strength and was always helping others, he managed to create a place within everyone's heart. Even during this short period, he left a lasting impact on Tanjiro, Zenitsu and Inosuke. And for that he was extremely happy. For he never feared death but the idea of not being significant enough to be forgotten.

2. Why is Rengoku deaf?
Rengoku was not a deaf. He was a health6 and strong Hashira. But there was one instance when he ruptured his eardrums to become deaf. During his early days as a Demon Slayer Corp member, he and other slayers had a fight against the Lower Moon 5, Gyutaro. This demon used a cursed flute to manipulate the Corp members 
and tricked them into killing each other. Seeing this Rengoku ruptured his own ear drums to become deaf and freed himself from the flute's control. He succeeded in killing it and was later treated to get his hearing back. But he didn't get 100% of his hearing back, which is why we see him talk loudly.

3. What were Rengoku's final words to Tanjiro?
After killing Akaza, Tanjiro rushed towards Rengokus body. At that moment Rengoku was still breathing. He wanted to inspire the new generation and didn't want them to be sad for his death. So with his dying breath, he said "Go ahead and live with your head held high. No matter how devastated you may be by your own weakness or uselessness, set your heart ablaze. Grit your teeth and look straight ahead. Even if you stop and crouch down, time won't wait for you or snuggle you and grieve along with you. Don't feel bad that I'm going to die here. As a Hashira, of course I would shield my juniors." This quote inspired not only Tanjiro but also Zenitsu and others. He realized the weakness he has, the weakness that caused Rengokus death is not to be ashamed of. But he has to harness this weakness and live on for the ones who sacrificed themselves.

26. Why did Rengoku's father leave Hashira?
Shinjuro Rengoku, the father of the Flame Hashira Kyojuro Rengoku was a man with immense pride. He himself was once the Hashira of Frame. But due to his pride he quit. After he became the head of the Rengoku household, he learnt about the existence of the Sun Breathing style. He found out that all the Breathing Styles that the Demon Slayer Corp uses is nothing but a derivative from the original Sun Breathing style. His inferiority complex wasn't limited to this as he felt inferior to the past Flame Hashiras. And thus, not being able to cope with this, he left his position and left the Demon Slayer Corp all together.

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