What is Kinzouganmei in Japanese Katana terminology?

"""Gold Inlaid Inscription"" (金象嵌銘, Kinzouganmei) refers to an inscription that has been recorded using the technique of inlaying with gold. This is often found on swords that have become unsigned (無銘, Mumei) due to the process of polishing (磨上げ, Suriage).

The inscription often includes the appraisal or judgement (極め, Kiwame) made by a sword appraiser, such as those from the Hon'ami family (本阿弥家), or the name or title (号, Gou) of the sword.

In some cases, the inscription may also include a trial inscription (試銘, Tameshi Mei) that was made when the sword was tested by cutting. This practice of gold inlaying not only preserves important historical and cultural information but also adds to the aesthetic appeal of the sword."

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