What is Sashiura in Japanese Katana terminology?

"""Sashiura"" (差裏) refers to the inner side of the Uchigatana (打刀) that comes into contact with the body when the sword is worn at the waist. It is the opposite side of ""Sashiomote"" (差表), which is the outer side facing away from the body.

This distinction between ""Sashiura"" and ""Sashiomote"" is important in the context of Japanese swords. The position and orientation of the sword when worn can affect its ease of draw and use. Furthermore, the side of the sword that comes into contact with the body, the ""Sashiura"", would need to be smooth and well-finished to prevent discomfort or injury to the wearer. This highlights the attention to detail and consideration for the user in Japanese sword making."

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