What is Shintou Yonsaku in Japanese Katana terminology?

"""Shintou Yonsaku"" (新刀四作) refers to the four master swordsmiths of the Shintou era, selected by ""Kanda Hakuryushi"" (神田白龍子), a narrator of historical tales during the middle of the Edo period.

1. ""Horikawa Kunihiro"" (堀川国広): He was the founder of the ""Horikawa School"" (堀川派), based in Kyoto's Ichijo Horikawa.

2. ""Hizen Tadayoshi"" (肥前忠吉): He was a renowned swordsmith who originated from a samurai family.

3. ""Nagasone Kotetsu"" (長曽祢虎徹): He was a unique talent who transitioned from an armorer to a swordsmith.

4. ""Noda Hankei"" (野田繁慶): He was from Mikawa Province (currently the eastern part of Aichi Prefecture) and served ""Tokugawa Ieyasu"".

The term ""Shintou"" (新刀) was first used in Kanda Hakuryushi's book ""Shinba Meizukushi"" (新刃銘尽). These four master swordsmiths, with their unique skills and contributions, played a significant role in the development of Japanese swords during the Shintou era. Their works are highly regarded for their quality and craftsmanship, reflecting the high standards of sword making during this period."

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