What is Chukissaki in Japanese Katana terminology?

The term ""Chukissaki"" (中鋒/中切先, ちゅうきっさき) refers to a specific type of tip (Kissaki) on a Japanese sword. This type of tip is commonly seen on swords made during the middle to late Kamakura period, the Muromachi period, and the Edo period.

Regardless of whether the sword is an old sword (Koto) or a new sword (Shinto), this type of tip was adopted in various eras, making it particularly common among existing swords.

The size of the tip is determined based on the Yokotesuji area, which is used as a reference point. The difference in the vertical and horizontal lengths from the Yokotesuji to the tip determines the classification of the tip.

If the vertical and horizontal lengths are the same or slightly longer, it is classified as a Chukissaki. If the vertical length is nearly twice as long as the horizontal length, it is classified as an Ookissaki (大鋒/大切先).

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