What is Haitourei in Japanese Katana terminology?

"Haitourei" (廃刀令), means "Sword Abolishment Edict". officially known as ""Taireifuku Narabi Gunjin Keisatsukanri Tou Seifuku Chakuyou no Hoka Taitou Kinshi no Ken"" (大礼服並軍人警察官吏等制服着用の外帯刀禁止の件), was a law enacted in 1876 (Meiji 9). This law prohibited the samurai class from wearing swords, except for special circumstances such as being a military officer or a police officer. As a result of this law, the demand for Japanese swords dropped dramatically.

This law reflects the significant changes that were taking place in Japanese society during the Meiji period. The prohibition of the samurai class from wearing swords marked a significant shift in the social status and privileges of the samurai class. The dramatic drop in the demand for Japanese swords underscores the impact of this law on the sword-making industry. Despite these changes, the Japanese sword has continued to be valued as a symbol of the samurai spirit and a work of art."

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