What is Jokoto in Japanese Katana terminology?

"""Jokoto"" (上古刀) refers to the swords that were made from the Nara period to the Heian period. Most of the Jokoto are straight swords, known as ""Chokuto"" (直刀). Many of the Jokoto that we see today were buried in tombs, and because they were in the ground, they often have rust on the blade, and there are hardly any that have been preserved in a perfect condition.

The Jokoto, with their straight design, represent an early stage in the evolution of Japanese swords. The fact that many of these swords were found in tombs suggests that they were not only weapons but also important ceremonial objects. The presence of rust on many of these swords is a testament to their age and the conditions in which they were found. Despite this, the fact that these swords have survived to the present day underscores their historical and cultural significance."

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