What is Katakiriha-zukuri in Japanese Katana terminology?

"Katakiriha-zukuri" (片切刃造り) refers to a style of Japanese sword construction where one side of the blade is flat (Hira), and the other side is a cutting edge (Kiriha). This style is characteristic of ""Chokuto"" (直刀), which are straight swords from the Nara period and earlier.

Although ""Katakiriha-zukuri"" is an old form of construction, it was revived in the early Edo period. During this time, short swords and ""Wakizashi"" (side swords) were made in this style, using the old works as models.

This style of construction is not only unique in its appearance but also in its functionality. The combination of a flat side and a cutting edge enhances the sword's cutting ability, making it a highly effective weapon. The revival of this style in the Edo period is a testament to the enduring value and appeal of traditional sword-making techniques."

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