What is Katateuchi in Japanese Katana terminology?

"Katateuchi" (片手打ち) refers to the handling of a sword with one hand. This technique is often said to have been used when test cutting with a ""Wakizashi"" (a type of short sword).

When performing ""Katateuchi"", a cord known as ""Udenuki-o"" (also referred to as ""Tenuki-o"") is attached to the sword to prevent it from being accidentally dropped. This cord is worn around the wrist while handling the sword.

In the ""Taiheiki"" (a historical epic), there is a passage that reads, ""He struck with one hand, intending to split the helmet bowl in two.""

While it is generally said that Japanese swords are typically handled with both hands, there are exceptions. For instance, ""Tachi"" (a type of long sword) that were used on horseback were designed to be handled with one hand while the other hand held the reins. Additionally, the swords used in ""Iaido"" (a martial art involving the drawing of the sword) can also be handled with one hand. Therefore, it cannot be categorically stated that ""Japanese swords are weapons handled with both hands."""

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