What is Ke-nuki Tachi in Japanese Katana terminology?

"Ke-nuki Tachi"(毛抜太刀) refers to a type of curved Tachi (long sword) used during the mid-Heian period. The handle (Tsuka) and the blade are integrated into one piece. The handle has a long, narrow openwork carving (Sukashibori), which resembles a pair of tweezers, hence the name ""Ke-nuki"" (tweezers).

This sword represents a transitional form from the straight swords of the ancient times to the curved Tachi style of the later Japanese swords.

In later generations, the Ke-nuki Tachi often only retained the form, with the tweezers-shaped metal fittings used as the handle's collar (Fuchi) and pommel (Kashira), and the handle itself often covered with ray skin (Samegawa)."

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