What is Morohazukuri in Japanese Katana terminology?

"""Morohazukuri"" (両刃造り) refers to a style of sword-making that was prevalent from the middle of the Muromachi period to around the Tensho era. In this style, the blade is sharpened on both the upper and lower sides, separated by a ridge line (Shinogi-suj, 鎬筋). This design enhances the sword's stabbing capability and also excels in cutting, making it highly effective in close combat situations.

Although the sword (Ken, 剣) is also a type of Morohazukuri, it is treated separately in classification due to differences in the era of production and usage methods.

Furthermore, a style where only the tip of the sword is double-edged is referred to as ""Kissaki Morohazukuri"" (切先両刃造)."

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