What is Muzori in Japanese Katana terminology?

"Muzori" (無反り) refers to a type of sword with a shallow curvature that became popular during the Edo period. As the era was relatively peaceful and far removed from warfare, Kendo, which uses bamboo swords, flourished. As a result, samurai who honed their skills with bamboo swords sought to carry swords with a similar shallow curvature as their sidearms (""Sashiryou""). This trend was often seen in the works of swordsmiths like Nagasone Okisato (Kotetsu), who prioritized sharpness.

This trend reflects the changing circumstances and needs of the samurai class during the Edo period. The popularity of Kendo and the use of bamboo swords influenced the design and curvature of real swords. The fact that swordsmiths like Nagasone Okisato (Kotetsu) often adopted this style underscores the emphasis placed on sharpness. This highlights the adaptability and diversity of Japanese sword making in response to changing social and cultural contexts."

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