What is Sakizori in Japanese Katana terminology?

"""Sakizori"" (先反り) refers to a curvature style where the most pronounced curve is near the tip (Kissaki) of the blade. This curvature arrangement, where the maximum part of the curve is closer to the tip than the center of the blade, is often seen in Uchigatana (a type of Japanese sword) from the Muromachi and Sengoku periods.

This design was conceived to facilitate smoother drawing of the sword in response to the shift in warfare tactics to ground combat. Additionally, during the Nanboku-cho and Sengoku periods, there were also Hirazukuri Kodachi (short swords with a flat cross-section) and Tanto (daggers) with a pronounced Sakizori.

This curvature style reflects the practical considerations and strategic thinking of the samurai. The Sakizori design, with its pronounced curve near the tip, would have made the sword more effective in combat, particularly in the context of ground warfare. The fact that this design was also used in short swords and daggers underscores its versatility and effectiveness."

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