What is Sasuga in Japanese Katana terminology?

"""Sasuga"" (さすが) refers to a type of short sword used as a secondary weapon. During the Kamakura period, in the event of a melee, long weapons such as the ""Naginata"" (薙刀) became difficult to use, so the ""Sasuga"" was used instead. As the samurai class rose over time, the Sasuga became longer and evolved into the more powerful ""Uchigatana"" (打刀).

This highlights the adaptability and strategic thinking of the samurai. The Sasuga, with its shorter length, would have been easier to handle in the chaos of a melee, making it a valuable weapon in such situations. The evolution of the Sasuga into the Uchigatana reflects the changing needs and circumstances of the samurai, demonstrating their ability to innovate and adapt their weapons to suit their needs."

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