What is Shinshintou in Japanese Katana terminology?

"Shinshintou"(新々刀) refers to the Japanese swords that were made during the period from 1764 (the first year of the Meiwa era) to 1867 (the third year of the Keio era), up until the Sword Abolition Edict. Compared to the ""Shintou"" (新刀, new swords), a larger number of short swords were produced during the Shinshintou period.

This period in Japanese sword making is characterized by the production of a larger number of short swords. This could be attributed to the changing needs and circumstances of the samurai class during this period. The fact that these swords were made up until the Sword Abolition Edict underscores the historical significance of the Shinshintou period. The Shinshintou, with their distinctive characteristics, represent a unique phase in the evolution of Japanese swords."

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