What is Wazamono in Japanese Katana terminology?

"""Wazamono"" (業物) refers to swords known for their excellent sharpness. The classification began in 1797 (Kansei 9), initiated by Tsugekatamasa Heisuke (柘植方理平助) in the book ""Kaiho Kenshaku"" (懐宝剣尺). During this time, the results of test cuttings performed by Yamada Asaemon and others were taken into consideration. Based on the sharpness, the swords were divided into four ranks: ""Saijo O-Wazamono"" (最上大業物), ""O-Wazamono"" (大業物), ""Yoki-Wazamono"" (良業物), and ""Wazamono"" (業物).

This classification reflects the high standards and rigorous practices involved in evaluating the sharpness of swords. The fact that the results were divided into four ranks underscores the precision and attention to detail required in this process. The use of test cuttings performed by experts like Yamada Asaemon as a reference highlights their expertise and authority in this field. This classification system continues to serve as a valuable reference for understanding the quality and performance of Japanese swords."

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