What is Yokiwazamono in Japanese Katana terminology?

"""Yokiwazamono"" (良業物) refers to the third rank out of the four-tiered system used to categorize the results of ""Tameshigiri"" (試し斬り), a test cutting performed on the bodies of deceased criminals. This system was established by the professionals of Tameshigiri, ""Yamada Asaemon Yoshimutsu"" (山田浅右衛門吉睦) and ""Sudo Godayu Mutsuzumi"" (須藤五太夫睦済).

This categorization reflects the rigorous standards and practices involved in Tameshigiri. The fact that the results were divided into four grades underscores the precision and attention to detail required in this process. The third rank, Yokiwazamono, would have represented a certain level of performance in the test cutting. The establishment of this system by Yamada Asaemon Yoshimutsu and Sudo Godayu Mutsuzumi highlights their expertise and authority in this field. This system continues to serve as a valuable reference for understanding the performance and quality of Japanese swords."

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