Yamanaka Yukimori Custom Made Handmade Japanese Samurai Armor Life Size


*Samurai armor is more than a protection gear, in Japanese culture, the armor is also a piece of art, reflection of the wearer’s social status, taste, will and faith.
*Every single part of this armor is handmade by our skilled armor smith, follow the ancient armor making method
*Fully functional, wearable, fine details, this is a real reproduction of samurai armor from history using modern high quality material
*Each armor is custom made to fit the wearer well, maximize the mobility and speed when maintain a good protection.
*Armor set comes with everything in the picture, included the storage box and armor stand for display.

Theme:Black and Red
Armor Size:Custom made according to the wearer’s height and weight, measure instruction will be sent after you place the order. 
Maximum Height: 205 cm / Maximum Weight: 172KG
Main Material:Cold rolled steel / Lacquer / Cotton / Hemp / Silk etc
Helmet (Kabuto):Cold rolled steel 0.8mm + knitting
Face Mask (Menpo):Cold rolled steel baking finish black 0.8mm + Beard
Should Guard (Sode):Cold rolled steel 0.8mm + knitting
Chest (Do):Cold rolled steel 0.8mm + knitting
Sleeve (Kote);Cold rolled steel 0.8mm + knitting
Gloves (Yaguke):Cold rolled steel 0.8mm + knitting
Belt & Sash (Uwa & Obi):Hemp
Skirt (Kusazuri) : Cold rolled steel 0.8mm + knitting
Thigh Guard (Haidate):Cold rolled steel 0.8mm + knitting
Shin Guard (Suneate) :Cold rolled steel 0.8mm + knitting

Dimension (Model In Picture):About 170 * 76 * 76 cm / 68 * 30 * 30 Inches
Armor Weight (Model In Picture):About 20KG / 44 Lbs

Lead time: 2-3 Weeks. 

Worldwide Shipping by UPS / Shipping time is about 1 Week


Yamanaka Yukimori was a Japanese military commander during the Sengoku period and a samurai of the Amago-shi family. Also known as Yamanaka Lusuke, Yamanaka Lusuke or Yamanaka Lunosuke, he is one of the ten warriors of Amago-shi. Her father is Mitsuyuki Yamanaka and her mother is Tachihara Tsunage's daughter. Young name Jinjiro, who has replaced his elder brother Kamanosuke who was seriously ill when he was young. Known as the unicorn of San'in, he is said to be a handsome man. Yamanaka Komori's first battle in 1560 was the battle against Yamana's Takao Castle, in which he killed the enemy general Masashimo Kikuchi

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