The Giyuu Tomioka Handmade Katana Clay Tempered T10 Steel From Demon Slayer

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*The traditional Clay Tempering method was used on this blade*

Clay tempering method is to apply clay on the spine of the blade, and mainly tempering the edge. This results a hardened edge and softened spine, makes it ideal for cutting. 

*Above we illustrate the general process of clay tempering, each sword design might use different Hamon line design / tempering technique. 

Product Name: Giyuu Tomioka
Overall Length: 41” /104 cm
Blade Length: 28” /71 cm
Blade Material: T10 Steel Blue
Blade Thickness:0.276” /0.7 cm
Blade Hardness:58 HRC
Blade Grind: Convex
Weight (Sword Only): 39 oz /1.1 kg
Weight (With Sheath): 46 oz /1.3 kg
Sheath Material:Paint & Wood

Description :
1- Sharp,Sturdy and fully functional Katana, great for actual practicing or collection
2- Full tang, made of hand-forged T10 steel.using traditional heat treatment method to increase the hardness of the edge
3- Standard length, perfect balance, comfortable grip,
4- Beautifully crafted, included all traditional katana elements. The blade is hand polished using ancient method.

* Clean and oil it after each usage.

* Stand is for display only, it's not included. Stand is for sale separately 




About our Giyu Tomioka Katana

Giyu Tomioka is the water hashira, The term "hashira" refers to the nine highest ranking combatants in the Demon Slayer Corps, each one has different power and skills depending on their breathing styles. He is tall, muscular, pale, and serious. He almost always looks emotionless.

That was because he was deeply tortured by his past. When he was Sakonji Urokodaki’s student, he made it to the final selection before officially become a demon slayer. During the selection in Mount Fujikasane, he was injured and saved by his close friend, Sabito. Sabito was the best student at that time, he has the biggest potential to become a Demon Slayer, or even a Hashira! He is also a selfless person, during the final selection he almost wipe out all demons in the mountain, and saved everybody. But he ended up killed by a demon that his teacher caught and trapped in that mountain, destiny is such unpredictable thing.

The death of Sabito hits Giyu hard. He became silent and devote himself to training, eventually he became the water hashira. But even as powerful as he is, he still beat himself up because he think Sabito will do much better than him, Sabito could make bigger achievement, he should be the one die in the final selection. He said to other haishiras that he is different, that makes the wind hashira Sannemi really pissed offf because that seems like an ego statement that Giyu is surperior. But the fact is, Giyu thinks that he is not capable, not qualified to be a hashira, and at some point he even think about quitting hashira.

Giyuu Tomioka ’s Nichirin Katana

Giyu wields a standard size katana, the blade is deep blue, symbolize his breathing style, water breathing, and blue is a good fit to his personality. In the anime water breathing techniques are really fascinating to watch.

How we made Giyu’s Katana

First thing first, we specialized in real katana, not props katana, so when we design this katana, we were designing a real, fully functional katana, not just a show piece. That means there are things from the anime or manga that we can’t 100% replicate because they are not realistic possible.

The theme for Giyu’s katana sword, no doubt, must be blue, and we also use some white elements that suits the theme.

For the blade, we choose a clay tempered blue T10 Steel. The blue color is result of using high temperature to heat up the steel. It’s not paint, it looks more nature and eye catching, and it won’t cover the fascinating hamon line in the blade. The hamon line on the blue blade resembles tidal waves, just like the unique eleventh form of water breathing. The word “Destroy Demons” (惡鬼滅殺) was engraved on the blade.

For the Saya, we choose a wavy mixed color saya, this saya has feeling of flowing water on it and it’s a good fit to a water breathing user.

For the Tsuba, it’s an alloy recreation of the tsuba from the anime. It’s sturdy and hard, provide good protection to your hand.

For the Sageo, we used white cotton, and blue samegawa. The color really match the blue blade.

FAQ about Giyuu Tomioka

1. Does Giyu get married?
The serious, calm and duty bound Hashira, Giyu Tomioka has only one failure in life. It's his blatant inability to have a love interest. Throughout the entire story not once is he seen having a love interest. So alas, this cool headed man was not married. Well even if he was, it was never canon. But leave it to the fans to marry him to and sail his ship with many fan fictions. One fan-fic states that he was married to the Wind Hashira, Sanemi. While another states that he and the Insect Hashira, Shinobu were secretly married before the final fight. BUT IT'S JUST A THEORY, A FAN THEORY.

2. How strong is Giyu?
As the Water Hashira, Giyu Tomioka is undoubtedly one of the most powerful Demon Slayers in the story. With his strength, skill, speed and calm thinking, he earned the respect of all other Hashiras. In fact his strength was vital in the fight against many core demons including Muzan, the strongest demon ever. Just to give you an idea about his strength, this guy endured the severe pain of body deformation while being demonified by Muzans blood but he still dealt a critical blow to end the fight.

3. Why is Giyu Tomioka always depressed?
Before Giyu suggested Tanjiro to walk the path of a Demon Slayer, he had two other apprentices who he thought had the potential. They were Sabito and Makomo. But both of them died during their fight with demons. Their death was a huge shock to Giyu for he had faith in them. He believed that they were strong and could walk down this dangerous path. This was all for naught as both died young all because they believed in Giyu's words. And for this Giyu blamed himself. This guilt was what made him stoic, serious and depressed. Moreover all the fight against these inhumane demons killed his emotions.

4. Why does Giyu care about Tanjiro?
Tanjiro walked down the path of a Demon Slayer because Giyu suggested it to him. He was told that if he wanted to cure his sister, this was what he should do. But before Tanjiro, Giyuhad two other apprentices. They also believed in the Water Hashira and picked up the sword. But both of them died young. This made Giyu feel responsible for their deaths. So to not repeat the same mistake and carry more guilt, he wanted to make sure Tanjiro was safe. This made him care for Tanjiro more than any other Demon Corp members.

5. What are the 11 forms of water breathing?
Many might disagree with the fact that there are 11 water breathing styles. That's because we have only been introduced to 10 of them when Tanjiro trains. But there is one more style that was created by Giyu himself. He mastered Water Breathing to the pinnacle to be able to create the 11th form. The forms are,

  • ●  First Form: Water Surface Slash

  • ●  Second Form: Water Wheel

  • ●  Third Form: Flowing Dance

  • ●  Fourth Form: Striking Tide

  • ●  Fifth Form: Blessed Rain After the Drought

  • ●  Sixth Form: Waterfall Basin

  • ●  Seventh Form: Piercing Rain Drop

  • ●  Eighth Form: Waterfall Flow

  • ●  Ninth Form: Splashing Water Flow

  • ●  Tenth Form: Constant Flux

  • ●  Eleventh Form: Dead Calm

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