The Zenitsu Agatsuma Handmade Katana Carbon Steel From Demon Slayer

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Product Name: Zenitsu Agatsuma
Overall Length: 41” /104 cm
Blade Length: 28” /71 cm
Blade Material: Carbon steel
Blade Thickness:0.276” /0.7 cm
Blade Hardness:53 HRC
Blade Grind: Convex
Weight (Sword Only): 39 oz /1.1 kg
Weight (With Sheath): 46 oz /1.3 kg
Sheath Material:Paint & Wood

Description :

1- Sharp,Sturdy and fully functional Katana, great for actual practicing or collection
2- Full tang, made of hand-forged Carbon steel.using traditional heat treatment method to increase the hardness of the edge
3- Standard length, perfect balance, comfortable grip,
4- Beautifully crafted, included all traditional katana elements. The blade is hand polished using ancient method.

* This is not a toy! Make sure you are using with care.
* Clean and oil it after each usage.

* Stand is for display only, it's not included. Stand is for sale separately 

About our Zenitsu Agatsuma Katana

Zenitsu Agatsuma, probably the most funny character in the Demon Slayer Anime and Manga, contributed many laughable scenes. But behind the cowardliness, lustful, low self-esteem, Zenitsu is actually a very talented swordsman, and has a sad story in his past.

Without his parents around, Zenitsu did not have proper guidance growing up, so he might act strange sometimes. He was raised by his teacher Jigoro Kuwajima, the former thunder hashira. Kuwajima took him in when he had nowhere to go and showed him the ropes in life. The old man raised him, fed him, trained him in the family ways, and inspired him to become more than he ever could have been on his own.

However the training was extremely hard, to a point that Zenitsu was fear that he might be die. He tried to escape but get caught every time. One day he was trying to escape the training again and he climb up to a tree, he got struck by lighting. That lightning gave him the yellow hair, and possibly make him a better thunder breathing user.

Zenitsu’s nichirin Katana

Zenitsu wields a standard katana in yellow color, the katana blade has lighting streaks on it. The Tsuba is circular in shape, with four slight indents, and the center bears a silver tone with small triangles. The saya is a standard white one.

How we recreate the Zenitsu Katana

First thing first, we specialized in real katana, not props katana, so when we design this katana, we were designing a real, fully functional katana, not just a show piece. That means there are things from the anime or manga that we can’t 100% replicate because they are not realistic possible.

For the blade, we use a black carbon steel ,with golden dragon patterns on it. This is one of our most popular blade design, we think it really fits Zenitsu’s Thunder breathing first form, and we decide to go for it. It’s sharp and light, perfect katana blade for Thunder breathing user :)

For the Saya, we choose a white with a little silver touch on it.

For the Tsuba, it’s an alloy recreation of the tsuba from the anime. It’s sturdy and hard, provide good protection to your hand.

For the Sageo, we used white cotton, and golden samegawa. The color really match the black and golden blade.

FAQ about Zenitsu

1. What happened to Zenitsu's family?

Before Zenitsu became a Demon Slayer, he was an orphan. He was a charcoal seller who lost his entire family due to some tragedy which was never specified. But he did regard his master, Jigoro Kuwajima and his fellow disciple, Kaigaku, as his family. Both of them were dead at the end of the story as one was killed by his so-called brother and the other became a demon. Despite this it was not all sorrow for Zenitsu as he ended up marrying Nezuko. The two live happily ever after as evident by their great grandchildrens seen in the epilogue of the main story.

2. Does Zenitsu have schizophrenia?
For Zenitsu, his entire life is worthless. He has no confidence in himself and is always cowering in fear and anxiety. But this trauma is the result of him losing his entire family at a young age. He blamed himself of being powerless and thus, always feared that him taking the helm will only cause others to suffer. However, this anxiety and fear was never at the level of regarding it as a chronic disease like schizophrenia. Even in the story it is clearly depicted that it was not his mental health that was the issue but his self confidence that was lacking.

3. Who does Zenitsu Agatsuma marry?
After Tanjiro and the gang defeated the demon Kyogai, they had a resting period. That was the first time Zenutsu saw Nezuko and it was also at this point that he swore to cherish and protect the lovely Nezuko-chan. So after Muzan was defeated and everything went back to normal, Zenutsu took up courage and confessed. And to his surprise Nezuko agreed and the two ended up marrying and living a fulfilling life. Not only were they happy but they were also active enough to make sure that their descendants may carry on the torch.

4. Which Upper Moon Demon does Zenitsu kill?
Throughout the story, Zenetsu did not kill any Upper Moon Demon. But he did defeat one who was later killed by the other members of the Demon Slayer Corp. During the final fight, Zenetsu fought against the Upper Moon Demon Kaigaku. He was ranked 6 and was also the former disciple of Zenitsu. So he tried to convince Kaigaku to revert back to being a human. But denied and boasted to be the strongest Thunder Breathing Style user as he killed their master and Zenitsu 
was useless. This infuriated Zenitsu and he dealt a critical blow that later led to the death of Kaigaku at the hands of other Corp members.

5. Could Zenitsu have helped Rengoku?
During the Mugen Train Arc, Zenitsu along with Inosuke were separated from Tanjiro and Rengoku. So when Rengoku was fighting against Upper Moon 3 Akaza, he only had help from Tanjiro. But if Zenitsu was around, he might have been able to help Rengoku with his Thunder Breathing style and lightning fast speed. Alas that was not the case and Rengoku had to sacrifice himself to enable Tanjiro. It was this sacrifice that helped Tanjiro deliver the killing blow.

6. Who is smarter, Zenitsu or Tanjiro?
The character of Tanjiro is one which is thoughtful and perspective. He is resourceful enough to come up with creative solutions to complex issues. On the other hand, Zenitsu is filled with natural talent and intuition. Thoughhe is anxious and a coward, when in spot, he can analyze complex problems and come up with easy solutions. Thus if you were to compare the two, it is difficult to pick the smarter one. That's because the two of them are of two different spectrums that can't be compared.

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