The Tanjiro Handmade Katana T10 Steel Clay Tempered From Demon Slayer

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*The traditional Clay Tempering method was used on this blade*

Clay tempering method is to apply clay on the spine of the blade, and mainly tempering the edge. This results a hardened edge and softened spine, makes it ideal for cutting. 

*Above we illustrate the general process of clay tempering, each sword design might use different Hamon line design / tempering technique. 

Product Name: Tanjiro
Overall Length: 41” /104 cm
Blade Length: 28” /71 cm
Blade Material: T10 steel Black
Blade Thickness:0.276” /0.7 cm
Blade Hardness:53 HRC
Blade Grind: Convex
Weight (Sword Only): 39 oz /1.1 kg
Weight (With Sheath): 46 oz /1.3 kg
Sheath Material:Paint & Wood

Description :

1- Sharp,Sturdy and fully functional Katana, great for actual practicing or collection
2- Full tang, made of hand-forged Carbon steel.using traditional heat treatment method to increase the hardness of the edge
3- Standard length, perfect balance, comfortable grip,
4- Beautifully crafted, included all traditional katana elements. The blade is hand polished using ancient method.

* Clean and oil it after each usage.

* Stand is for display only, it's not included. Stand is for sale separately 

About our Tanjiro Katana

Tanjiro Kamado, the main protagonist of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba. He wears a black and green kimono, wields a black katana. Tanjiro is a very kind coal seller and has a strong desire to protect those he cares about. He is also willing to sacrifice himself for others.

The reason why Tanjiro join the Demon slayer, was because his whole family was killed by Muzan Kibutsuji, only his sister Nezuko Kamado survived, but as a demon that needs to consume human flesh. He carries Nezuko and join the Demon Slayer, begin his Journey of finding cure for his sister, and revenge for his family.

Tanjiro is a quick learner, he can use water breathing, flame breathing and sun breathing. Especially the sun breathing techniques make him one of the most Demon Slayer, even stronger than 9 hashiras. Sun Breathing was the first style of breathing developed by Yoriichi Tsugikuni, it’s the origin of all other breathing styles.

Tanjiro’s ancestor Sumiyoshi (Also a coal seller!) was saved by Yoriichi Tsugikuni and they become close friends, Sumiyoshi learned from Yoriichi a ceremonial dance, and pass down generation to generation. They didn’t know the power behind this dance move, it did enhance their body, but with Tanjiro ’s journey continues, he discovered that this family dance move is actually the Hinokami Kagura, the sun breathing style. He soon master this skill and become stronger than ever.

Tanjiro Kamado ’s Katana

Every Demon Slayer will be receive a Nichirin sword, forged with Scarlet Crimson and Scarlet Ore, by a dedicated swordsmith. Nichirin katana will turn a specific color when it’s owner draw it the first time. In Tanjiro’s case, when he first drawn his katana, he surprisingly founded that his katana is obsidian black, which is very rare, his master Sakonji Urokodaki and his swordsmith Hotaru Haganezuka couldn’t really explain the reason. We tend to believe that the black color symbolizes the sun in the manga, and it’s the most powerful katana color.

How we made the Tanjiro Katana

First thing first, we specialized in real katana, not props katana, so when we design this katana, we were designing a real, fully functional katana, not just a show piece. That means there are things from the anime or manga that we can’t 100% replicate because they are not realistic possible.

Black is the color surrounding Tanjiro, his hair, his coal, his nichirin sword. So in our Tanjiro katana, we choose a black as the main theme.

For the blade, we choose a clay tempered black T10 Steel. The black color is result of using high temperature to heat up the steel. It’s not paint, it looks more nature and eye catching, and it won’t cover the fascinating hamon line in the blade. T10 is high in carbon, another good reason to use T10 steel because it’s Tanjiro’s family business :)

For the Saya, we choose a plain black saya with a little grainy texture, looks a bit like coal. Tanjiro is a simple person, we believe a simple saya will fit him well.

Fo the Tsuba we choose an iron tsuba, the design is very much like the anime and manga, like a sun. The Tsuba is strong and sturdy.

For the sageo, we use black and red color, just like Tanjiro’s hair :)

FAQ about Tanjiro:

1. Who does Tanjiro end-up with?
As a fan of Demon Slayer, you must already know that our best boy Tanjiro deserves no less than the best girl for him. But who's the best girl? Isn't it obvious? It's Kanao Tsuyuri!! This lovely pair don't just end up together but as per the epilogue, they have an eventful life. When Tanjiro suggested Kanao to listen to her heart, she did listen to it. And thus we were greeted with their descendents in a modern world. Though most fans loved this but maybe, just maybe some would have been happier if Kanao ended with Inosuke. I mean just think how adorable their children would have been!!

2. Who was Tanjiro's mom?
The series starts with Tanjiro facing a devastating situation. His whole family was killed by a demon. But other than Nezuko, we are not introduced to any other family members. Well it's a given as they are already dead, but there was another character who had a significant role. It's none other than his mom, Kie Kamado. Every time Nezuko was gonna go berserk, it was the memory of her mom that helped her regain calm. She helped her find the right path. And as for her son, it was her genes that helped him. As for Tanjiro, he inherited the hard head of his from his mom. So yeah though she died at the start she wasn't insignificant by any means.

3. Is Muzan afraid of Tanjiro's dad?
To be exact, Muza was not afraid of Tanjiro's dad but the Hanafuda earrings that he had. Apparently these earrings reminded Muzan about the time when he was pinned down with a Nichirin sword. It was the man to whom these earrings belonged, Yoriichi Tsugikuni, the first ever demon slayer. These earrings signified the Sun Breathing style. Though Yoriichi didn't have any descendants, he passed it on to his close friend Sumiyoshi, Tanjiro's ancestor. And thus Ta jiro came into its position causing Muzan to misunderstand and fear Tanjiro's dad.

4. Why did Tanjiro have a tumor?

During the final fight against Muzan, Tanjiro was trying his best to stop this mayhem. He, similar to all the other Demon Slayers, about nothing but how to defeat Muzan right there and then. He was injured in several instances. And this was an opportunity for Muzan as he infected Tanjiro with his blood. So when Muzan died due to the sun, he tried to take over Tanjiro's body. and this taking over was represented with a tumor. It was not something that was on Tanjiro's body but was something more like a mental tumor which was taking over Tanjiro's personality.

5. Why is Tanjiro so strong?
All the Demon Slayers, especially the Hashiras are extraordinarily powerful. But even amongst these powerful beings, Tanjiro stands out. Many will say that it's his natural talent or he was born with such power but that ain't the case. The only thing that he has since his birth is that unusually hard head of his. So where does this powerful nature of his come from? It's his unyielding will to better himself. He always tries his best no matter what he is doing. And as for his extraordinary breathing style, it's him being talented enough to pull off the Sun Breathing style only by retracing the dance steps he had seen as a child.

6. What is Tanjiro's kill count?
For Demon Slayers it is not an issue to kill demons. They kill them left and right, day and night, well if the demons are dumb enough to appear during daytime that is. So it's no wonder that Tanjiro also killed quite a few of them during his brief period as a Demon Slayer. Not all of those who he killed had a significant role in the story. Some of them were just fodder demons that helped him grow. If we were to count only the significant ones, then Tanjiro's kill count would be 10. But the count will exceed 100 if you were to include the fooders he terminated.

7. Who made and delivered Tanjiro's sword?
Nichirin Blades are the heart and soul of every Demon Slayer. Their life depends on it as it is the only thing that can kill a demon. And the place where these blades are made is the infamous and secret Swordsmith Village. The swordsmith who makes these blades cherish their creation.and so much so that they take it upon themselves to make and deliver each and every sword to their respective owners. And the one who did this for Tanjiro is Hotaru Haganezuka. He loved his creations 
like a child. So he took it upon himself to deliver the sword everytime Tanjiro broke it and also delivered his wrath alongside.

8. Which demon attacked Tanjiro's family?
At the very start of the series Tanjiro's entire family is found dead. After returning from the village, Tanjiro finds such a horrifying scene. And the moment he saw this he knew it wasn't a wild animal who did such a thing but a Demon. A demon who he swears to kill with his own hands to bring peace upon the souls of his deceased family members. For that he needed to know the identity of this demon. But he didn't have to search long for his sister, Nezuko had been converted to a demon. And the only one who could do such a thing is none other than Muzan Kibutsuji!!

9. Who is Tanjiro's favorite Hashira?
Many think that Tanjiro's favorite Hashira among the nine is Kyojuro Rengoku, the Hashira of Frame. Well that is a given since he was the one who saved Tanjiro and his group during the Mugen Train arc from Upper Rank 3 demon Akaza. But that is not the case in reality. Tanjiro in fact has deep and profound respect for the Hashira of Water, Giyu Tomioka. His trust on Tanjiro and Nezuko is the reason for such feelings. It was him who helped Tenjiro succeed as a Demon Slayer and help him cure his sister.

10. What rank is Tanjiro at the end?
When Tanjiro defeated the Upper Rank 3 demon Akaza, he was given the title of Hashira out of respect. But soon after he was stripped of this title. This was done because he used Hinokami Kagura, Dance of the Fire God against Upper Rank 6 Gyutaro. He specifically used it to sever and kill the parasitic Gyutaro but it was a serious crime. That is because by doing so Tanjiro put a huge strain on himself and had the risk of turning into a demon. And thus he was stripped of his rank but was still recognized as a skilled Demon Slayer.

11. Did Tanjiro die before 25?
Whenever Tanjiro used the Sun Breathing style, he would develop the mark. This mark is both a belling and a curse. For it increases the power of one's breathing style but whoever developed this mark died before reaching 25. One reason for this 
was the fact that this mark drained one's lifespan and the other is that whoever developed this mark was hunted down but Muzan. In the case of Tanjiro, Muzan died when our boy was only 15 or 16. Moreover his final age was never confirmed. As at the end of the story, we see Tanjiro's descendants, it is safe to say he lived more than just 25 years.

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