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Lead time: 20 Business Days

Standard Size Info:

Overall Length: 53 cm / 20.8 Inch

Blade Length: 33 cm / 13 Inch (Full Tang Blade)

Handle Length: 20cm / 7.8 Inch

Blade Thickness : 0.6 cm / 0.23 Inch

*Slight size difference is expected, they are handmade products*

Tanto, which literally translates to "short blade", is basically a knife or dagger. Its blade length is usually under 30 cm (12 inches), making it smaller than both the katana and wakizashi. Its existence is well-documented in Japanese history, serving as a weapon of the samurai class, particularly in the feudal era.

Unlike the broader strokes of the katana or the wakizashi, the tanto is designed for precise close-quarter combat, being ideal for stabbing, slashing, and even for ceremonial purposes. For example in battlefield, tanto's purpose is to stab the enemy from their samurai armor's gaps, or for women to protect themselves.

Owning a tanto provides a connection to the samurai era, offering you a small but potent piece of Japanese martial history. The tanto is more than a weapon; it's a testament to the skills, discipline, and the way of life upheld by the legendary samurai.

In our custom tanto feature, you can fully customize your very own tanto, selecting your desired blade, saya, tsuba, and more to craft a personal embodiment of this historical artifact. Forge your own connection to the legacy of the samurai with your bespoke tanto today.

Tanto Blade Material options:

Depending on your intended use for the Tanto, we offer a variety of steel options for the blade. If you're new to swords and expect to use the Tanto mainly for display purposes or light cutting, carbon steel or manganese steel could be ideal. Our colored blades, in particular, offer a striking aesthetic while maintaining complete functionality.

If you're interested in cutting practice, or tameshigiri, we recommend spring steel. Known for its flexibility, spring steel reduces the likelihood of breakage, making it a robust choice for repeated use. Tanto is short so it's less likely to break like long swords, but spring steel's flexibility still adds more confidence.

If you're seeking something special, pattern steel and T10 steels stand out as premium choices. These materials strike a balance between visual appeal and practical utility, serving both as decorative pieces and functional weapons.

Given that Tanto are often smaller and frequently used for decoration or collection, we particularly suggest considering pattern steel and T10 steel. These materials will elevate your Tanto, turning it into a visually striking piece for your collection.

Tanto Steel options1Tanto Steel options2Tanto Steel options3

 Tanto Saya Options:

The saya means the Tanto's sheath, often creates the initial impression when the sword is not in use. Your choice of saya is a reflection of your personal aesthetic preferences. We offer options include a minimalist wooden saya for a touch of rustic simplicity, a vibrant colored one for a dash of creativity, or a classic design imbued with traditional Japanese motifs for a timeless appeal. The selection of a saya personalizes your custom tanto, making it a truly unique piece in your collection.

Tanto Saya options1Tanto Saya options2Tanto Saya options3

Tanto Tsuba Options:

The Tsuba means the Tanto's handguard, a critical component for safety and design. We present an expansive variety of Tsuba options, created from materials such as iron, alloy, or copper. Each is meticulously crafted for full functionality, offering excellent hand protection.

Our collection of Tsuba embraces diverse themes. This includes nature-inspired designs featuring animals and flowers, mythology themes drawn from ancient Japanese myths and legends, and samurai-related motifs. These myriad choices allow you to select the Tsuba that best complements your vision for your custom Tanto.

Custom Tanto Tsuba Options1Custom Tanto Tsuba Options2Custom Tanto Tsuba Options3Custom Tanto Tsuba Options4Custom Tanto Tsuba Options5Custom Tanto Tsuba Options6Custom Tanto Tsuba Options7Custom Tanto Tsuba Options8Custom Tanto Tsuba Options9Custom Tanto Tsuba Options10Custom Tanto Tsuba Options11Custom Tanto Tsuba Options12Custom Tanto Tsuba Options13Custom Tanto Tsuba Options14Custom Tanto Tsuba Options15Custom Tanto Tsuba Options16Custom Tanto Tsuba Options17

Habaki Options:

Habaki is a little metal collar in the blade, to keep the blade secure in the saya. We offer various design habaki for your custom ninjato.

Custom Tanto Habaki Options1Custom Tanto Habaki Options2Custom Tanto Habaki Options3

Ito & Sageo Options:

The quality of a Tanto is significantly influenced by the Ito wrapping. A snug Ito wrap improves the comfort of your grip, providing assurance that the Tanto will not slip from your hand, allowing you complete control over the weapon. For our custom Tanto, we use real ray skin for Samegawa of the handle wrapping. This superior material is a rare find at our price range, enhancing both the look and feel of the tanto and delivering an exceptional user experience.

Custom Tanto Ito Sageo option

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