Free Masks Offering


This is a tough time for every person and business. We are facing an unprecedented challenge. The priority here is to keep yourself, your family and friend safe and healthy.

Our shipping time is greatly effected by the virus, and we are truly greatful to our customer for staying with great patience. Thanks for your support!

We will keep on monitor the situation and working hard to ship out order in the fastest manner possible. Here in China the mask supply is restored, still tight but at least we could get them with an appointment in the loca pharmacy.

We decide to offer them to our customers in the following ways:

1) New customer (start 30th March) will get 10pcs medical disposable 3-ply masks for free, ship together with the order.

*Masks source: Local pharmacy

*Shipping time will be around 15 days given the current situation.

2)Existing Customers: One of our supplier has some masks stocks and they are selling at $24 / 50pcs, we have bought 1000 pcs from them before their inventory run out.

If you have purchased from us before, please write to to claim this free masks (50pcs) package.

*Mask source: A shipping agent 's inventory

*First come first serve, inventory is limited.


We will keep an eye on the source to see if there are an N95 masks available. We know that these 3-ply masks is not the most ideal protection gear but at least they are something, expecially if you still need to commute daily. Try wear double pcs to improve the protection.

Stay strong and healthy!

Team Romanceofmen


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