• Introduction The Samurai Armor Sode Types and History

    From Battlefields to Artistry: Exploring Samurai Sode and Its Cultural Significance What is Sode in Samurai Armor? “Sode” (袖) are the shoulder armor of traditional Japanese samurai armor, attached to the cuirass and covering the upper arms. They come in various styles and lengths, with articulated plates for flexibility. Along with the helmet (kabuto), cuirass (dō), and leg guards (haidate and suneate), they form the “yoroi”...
  • Menpo : The Samurai armor face guard history and types

    From Practicality to Artistry -- A Deep Dive into the Many Faces of Samurai Mask What is Menpo in Samurai Armor? The Samurai mask are called Menpo 面頬. Menpo was born in the late Heian period, and since then, various types have been created depending on the parts of the face to be protected and their uses. There are face guard in other country's armor...
  • Samurai Armor Glossary

    Samurai Armor is a brilliantly conceived and intricately crafted functional work of art. The armor was not just a protective gear, but also a visual statement about the Samurai within. It was designed to psychologically intimidate an enemy while simultaneously emboldening the warrior who wore it. Trying to understand deeply about samurai armor could be a difficult task if you don't speak Japanese. This Samurai armor glossary provides...
  • Samurai Helmet Kabuto - A complete guide to understand the parts, types and history

    What is Kabuto? In Japanese, the Samurai Helmet is called Kabuto 兜. This important component of Samurai armor was designed to protect the head in combat. However, the Kabuto’s significance extends beyond its practical use, as it also embodies substantial cultural and symbolic value. This article will introduce what kabuto is, the different parts on a Kabuto, and different types of Kabuto.  Main Material...
  • Samurai Armor Major Parts Explained

    Samurai armor, a remarkable feat of military engineering, is a testimony of the ingenuity and skill of ancient Japanese craftsmen. This armor, worn by the samurai warriors of feudal Japan, was not only a protective gear in battle but also a status symbol, reflecting the strength and value of the wearer.Understanding the parts of samurai armor is important for several reasons. Firstly, each component...
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