• Common Myths and Facts About Japanese Katanas

    Some Facts and Common Misunderstandings About Katana The Katana, or samurai sword, is widely recognized as one of the world's most iconic blades. The Katana is a traditional Japanese sword famous for its curved blade and fine craftsmanship. You will see them in numerous films and TV productions, often exaggerating their historical accuracy. So how much do you know about Katanas that is true?...
  • Katana Monouchi The hitting part on the sword blade you should know

    What Is The Katana Monouchi? The Katana is a very traditional weapon. If you happen to be a sword enthusiast, then chances are you are aware of the many parts of a typical katana. One of them is Monouchi. So, what is Monouchi in a katana?Swordsmen, contrary to popular belief, do not use the entire blade. Each section of the edge is designated to...
  • Katana Sori The distinctive curve that makes samurai sword unique

    Introducing The Sori The distinctive curve of Japanese swords symbolizes their history. It not only enhances a swordsman's appearance but also enables him to master more extraordinary skills. This curve is known as Sori by swordsmiths. So, what's a Sori, exactly? How did it become so significant?A Samurai sword blade's curvature is known as Sori. Such curves help with your "hiki-nuke" movement during a...
  • Katana Samegawa Ray skin on the tsuka that provides comfortable grip

    What You Should Know About The Samegawa Samegawa is the Japanese term for shark skin or sting ray, which acts as a binder for the handles of traditional Japanese swords, known as Katana. It is one of the most integral parts of the Katana that increases its durability and appearance. Curious to know how crucial Samegawa is for a Katana? Keep on reading to find out...
  • Katana Mekugi tiny wooden pegs that hold your samurai sword together

    Mekugi: What is It? When it comes to traditional Japanese swords, the Mekugi is a small but crucial component. It's practically impossible to overstate the significance of the Mekugi in Japanese sword construction. Without it, the handle would be loose, and the Katana would be unusable in battle. Curious to know a bit more about Mekugi? Keep reading to find out.A "Mekugi" is a...
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