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*2024/04/06 Product Upgrade:

1- Hishigami Wrapping: Our current standard wrapping is very tight in this price range, but if you want tighter wrapping, we now offer Hishigami wrapping for $30. Hishigami wrapping makes the tsuka tight, and the diamons are more even. Extra 3-5 days is expected for Hishigami wrapping.

Our Hishigami wrapping works best with silk material, when you selected Hishigami wrapping, you can select silk Ito & Sageo

2- Full Wrap Ray Skin Handle: Our standard handle use panel real ray skin, which is sufficient and cost effective for majority customer. Full wrap ray skin will make handle wrapping even more tight, if you want full wrap ray skin, we now offer it for $40.

3- More Premium blades add to custom Katana:

Custom Blade Gallery, check here for a better view of the blade options.

Premium Saya Gallery Please check here

*0518 Upgrade -- Unokubi-Zukuri Extra Sharp Spring Steel blade added to selection. Our recommendation for tameshigiri.

* 0315 Upgrade -- Real Ray Skin (Panel) Samegawa applied to all our custom katana. 

*Lead time for custom katana is 7-10 days*

*Final Price will be displayed in checkout page*

Standard Size Info:

Overall Length: 103cm / 40.5 Inch

Blade Length: 72cm / 28.3 Inch (Full Tang Blade)

Handle Length: 27cm / 10.6 Inch Real Ray Skin Samegawa

Blade Thickness : 0.7cm / 0.27 Inch

*Size might be a bit different for different design*

You are what you carry, your choice of weapon reveals a lot about your personality. There were countless stories of a famous swordsmith forge custom katana for legendary samurais, Daimyō etc. Katana is the soul of a samurai, and for every katana fans, eventually we will want a custom katana for ourself.

If you are looking for a truly unique Katana, the one and only Katana belongs to you, you have come to the right place. We offer the Katana customization service, with large selection of blade modification options here, from blade to handle, you will find the perfect combination for your dream Katana. 

*We are adding new options regulary, remember to bookmark this page and come back once in a while. 

*If you need extra customization that is not included here, please contact

Want to take the uniqueness of your custom katana to another level? Check out our advanced customization service:

Blade Material

The blade is the most important part for your custom katana.
 We have Carbon steel, Manganese Steel, Spring Steel,Pattern Steel & T10 Steel in different color and pattern for your selection.

Carbon (1060) & Manganese steel are the basic options, in compare, Carbon steel is a bit harder, Manganese steel is more flexible.

Spring steel is most flexible and will even bounce back even you bent the blade hard intentionally. That makes it the safest steel for heavy cutting and tameshigiri because it’s less likely to break.

Pattern steel, also known as Damascus steel, is combination of different steel to create eye catching patterns on the blade, its also hard.

T10 Steel is hard with high carbon content. All T10 steel blade are clay tempered, with true hamon line.

Custom katana blade color options 1Custom katana blade color options2Custom katana blade color options3

Bo-Hi (Blood groove) 

Bo-Hi, also known as blood groove, fuller. What it does is to reduce the weight. 

Aesthetic Blade Series:

Katana’s aesthetic value outweighs it’s functional value in many cases. Refining the sword can take even longer than forging one. In this collection we offer hand polished blades with various color, texture and hamon line, you can use for your custom katana. 


Saya helps protect your blade from rusting and accident scratch or damage. it's also an integral part of the elegant katana design. We offer wide range of katana saya designs to fit your custom katana design. Including solid color, mixed color, auspicious arts or luxury lacquer design. 

Custom katana saya options1Custom katana saya optionsCustom katana saya options3Custom katana saya options4Custom katana saya options5Custom katana saya options6Custom katana saya options7Custom katana saya options8Custom katana saya options9Custom katana saya options10

Tsuba (hand guard) Fitting:

Tsuba protects your hand, balance the katana, and it’s probably the second most refined part of a katana. We offer symmetrical pattern, anime theme, and auspicious designs that will bring good luck to the custom katana owner. 

Custom katana Tsuba options1Custom katana Tsuba options2Custom katana Tsuba options3Custom katana Tsuba options4Custom katana Tsuba options5Custom katana Tsuba options6Custom katana Tsuba options7Custom katana Tsuba options8Custom katana Tsuba options9Custom katana Tsuba options10Custom katana Tsuba options11

The Habaki

The Habaki is a small accessory that helps secure the katana blade into the saya, as well as keep the tsuba in place. 

Custom katana Habaki options1Custom katana Habaki options2Custom katana Habaki options3


The Ito & Sageo

Ito is the wrapping on the handle, Sageo is the cord that is used to keep the scabbard on your belt. We offer cotton and PU leather material in various color options. 


We used real ray skin samegawa (panel, not full wrapped) for all our custom katana. Real ray skin provides better gripping experience, it's more expensive at our cost, but it's worth. 

You can engrave the name of an important person, a number, a short phrase, or anything that means a lot to you. We provide free Chinese or Japanese translation service.

Custom Katanas from our customers

Advanced Custom Katana Service

Our advanced katana customization service allows you to go beyond standard options and make your katana exactly what you want it to be. One of our blacksmith will be dedicated to your custom order. Our advanced customization options include but not limited to the following:

Length: You could customize the blade length (Nagasa) or handle length (Tsuka) of your custom katana. Depends on your height, your Kenjutsu styles, it’s very common that you will want a longer or shorter katana that suits your need

Blade Material: Other than modern steel, we can also forge your katana with traditional steel like Kobuse steel, Honsanmai steel, shihozume steel etc.

Blade: You can have it sharp, extra sharp, or even reversed blade.

Curvature (Sori) : You could choose most common type Toori Sorri, or sakisori, or koshisori, or design your own. A katana with a little more curvature will cut smoother.

Tip (Kissaki) : You could choose different size style of kissaki, big (O-kissaki ), middle (Chu-kissaki) Or small (Ko-kissaki), or a short one (Ikubi Kissaki), curve one (Ikari Kissaki), or a straight one (Kamasu Kissaki)

Hamon line: Probably the most fascinating part of a katana. Our blade smiths can make majority types of hamon lines, from straight (Suguha) to Wavy (Midare) , as well as Gunome, notate etc.

Engraving: Other than name engraving, we can also engrave graphic designs on your katana blade. Auspicious patterns like dragon, demon are most popular choices.

Blood Groove (Bo-hi): Beside our standard bohi, you can also custom bo-hi for your blade, common types like double bohi, unokubi zukuri, shinogi zukuri are available.

Tsuba: We can fully customize the Tsuba for your katana, you can personalize the shape, the design. Material available is iron, copper or alloy.

Saya: We can fully customize the saya for you. You can print some graphic on it, or add craving designs, or lacquer art.  

If you are interested in a fully customized katana, please send your requirements to, we will discuss the requirements with you, and give you the final quote. Depends on how complex the requirements are, we will need deposit to start making the sword, and in some cases, even an advance fee to finalize the quote. For example if you want to customize a katana but you don’t know how to create a 3D file, we need to hire someone to do that, so we can make an accurate quote based on the 3D design.

Customization at this level is very time consuming, a higher price and longer lead time (at least 1 month) is expected.

We can’t replicate fantasy swords at the moment, most of them are not designed for actual use, our focus is on functional swords only.

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