Top 5 attack moves in Demon Slayer


Top 5 attack moves in Demon Slayer

Power systems of every anime or manga have a base form. And this base form has many different variations. In the case of Demon Slayer, this base form is the mother of all breathing techniques, Sun Breathing Style. This is the mother for all other styles derived from this. But that doesn’t mean that the styles are limited to the core one. Each style has many forms which are marvelous for defense and offense. And for the demons, each breathing style is tailored with attacks that are able to kill them with ease. Here are the top 5 attack moves in Demon Slayer that will surely leave behind a trail of dead demons. Let's see how these moves can make the most of nichirin katana

#05 Moon Spirit Calamitous Eddy - Moon Breathing Fifth Form

User: Michikatsu Tsugikuni

#1 Michikatsu Top 5 attack moves in Demon Slayer

While Yoriichi Tsugikuni is the creator of the Sun Breathing style, Michikatsu Tsugikuni, his older twin brother is the creator of Moon Breathing Style. This style is as deadly to the demons as to normal humans. Because once Michikatsu demonified and became Kokushibo, the Upper Moon One, his breathing technique became more ruthless, many Hashiras lost their life to Michikatsu's unique customized katana. But even among all the forms of this technique, there is one that stands out in terms of attack powers. It’s the Fifth form!

Fifth form of Moon Breathing, also known as Moon Spirit Calamitous Eddy is the reason why many Hashiras were heavily injured during the final fight. A single slash from Kokushibo is deadly enough but while facing the fifth form, it was not just one slash. Kokushibo layers multiple curved slashes on top of each other. This causes a sudden change in the wind. And as these slashes are stacked, the wind pressure causes the formation of a vortex of crescent moon blades and sword slashes.

Even if one managed to evade one of these slashes, they are not in the safe. For as soon as one is evaded, countless more will follow suit at angles that are impossible to predict.

#04 Dragon Sun Halo Head Dance - Sun Breathing Ninth Form

Rengoku -Top 5 attack moves in Demon Slayer

Being the origin of all demon slaying breathing styles, Sun Breathing style is bound to have one of the most powerful attacks. Among all the forms, one of the most offensive Sun Breathing styles is the Ninth Form, Dragon Sun Halo Head Dance. It is undoubtedly one of the flashiest moves among all other forms. Unlike the name, which is a mouthful, the move is not that long. But it is just a single act, an act of continuous single attack barrage. With no delay between each consecutive slash the entire form seems like a single motion.

To the one at the receiving end, the attack seems like a single one that is coated in dragon shaped flame. While in reality, this is not a single slash. Even if there are multiple enemies one can never hope to face this attack head on. For if they do, their heads will be easily detached from the body! Cause the complete Ninth form is formed with multiple attacks that can be used to decapitate multiple targets with ease. It is so hard to pull off that Tanjiro wasn’t able to use it throughout the entire series.

#03 Splashing Water Flow - Water Breathing Ninth Form

Giyuu - Top 5 attack moves in Demon Slayer

User : Giyuu Tomioka

Water, when left alone, can flow seamlessly in any direction. This flow is smooth and flawless. Such a fluid motion is the signature of every Water Breathing style form. But among all the eleven forms, the one that is both fluid and deathly is the Ninth form, Splashing Water Flow. Just from the name one can get an idea about its destructive nature. When water splashes around it causes its surroundings to be damaged. So when one uses the Ninth form, similar to water, it destroys the demons it douches. But the entire motion is as fluid a laminar flow without a single trace of turbulence.

Such a motion is obtainable because of the minimized yet light footwork. To an onlooker, it seems like one is dancing atop water causing the least amount of ripples. But if one takes a look at the upper body, one would get the feeling of looking into waves on a stormy night! Such a force being controlled with such light footwork is mesmerizing. You might wonder whether the light footwork was necessary or not. Let me tell you this, the destructive nature of this form is enhanced manifolds thanks to the unique footwork that allows the wielder to move as they want in a fluid motion.

#02 Thunderclap and Flash - Thunder Breathing First Form

Zenitsu - Top 5 attack moves in Demon Slayer

User: Zenitsu Agatsuma

Zenitsu is a coward, no one can disagree with it. Similarly, no one can deny the fact that when he sleeps, or goes unconscious, he has one of the deadliest and swiftest attacks in the entire series. That is because when he is unconscious, he is able to unleash the First form of the Thunder Breathing Style, the Thunderclap and Flash. By itself, the attacker is able to cut demons like butter with a knife. Now tell me, what would happen if the knife you were using was red hot? The butter will not even dare to resist.

Such a scene can be seen when one uses the First form of Thunder Breathing but six times. But that’s not all, with enough training one can do it even eight times! And if you are Zenitsu, you can do the form in Godspeed, a move that managed to put Muzan in a tight spot. A single slash is fast and deadly only to the one in the path. On the other hand as one pulls it off Sixfolds or Eightfolds, the strikes in quick succession creates powerful shockwaves. And suddenly, the single target attack becomes an area of effect one!

#01 Sun Breathing Thirteenth Form

Tanjiro -Top 5 attack moves in Demon Slayer

User: Tanjiro

So far in this list, every attack form mentioned is a single one. That is they are made up of a single move type. And despite this, they are deadly and fascinating. Now just think what the result would be if you were to merge all the forms into one!

Other than Sun Breathing, no other style has such a combined move. The Thirteenth form of Sun Breathing is a complex attack that is made up of all the previous twelve forms of Sun Breathing. This is the only attack that was ever able to hurt Muzan, the king of all demons. And in the history of Demon Slayers, only two people ever managed to pull it off. One is the creator of the form, Yoriichi Tsugikuni and the other is the imitator, Tanjiro Kamado.

But as soon as Tanjiro imitated the steps he saw his Father doing when he was a child, his body had to pay the toll. That’s because the Thirteenth form is not a simple one. One has to quickly connect all the other twelve forms but in such a

way that they seem to be one fluid motion. And that is why the resulting form is one filled with power to kill even the king.

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