Top 5 defensive moves in Demon Slayer


Top 5 defensive moves in Demon Slayer

In any fight, good defense is as important as good offense. This is why among all the Breathing style forms used by the Demon Slayers, there are some prominent defensive moves. These moves might not be able to slaughter the demons indiscriminately but they sure will save you when in a tight spot. But simply defending is not fun. One should counter after executing a perfect defense. And since the Demon Slayer is filled with many such attack forms, here are the top 5 defensive moves in this series.

#05 Equinoctial Vermilion Eye - Flower Breathing Final Form

When one is attacked, one has three choices: take the attack head on, defend it with something, or evade it completely. But what if the attack is so fast that you are unable to perceive and evade it? Simple, grind your brain so fast that the world around you slows down and enables you to evade the attack. And this is where this Final form of the Flower Breathing style comes in.

Boosting one's vision and kinetic perception allows them to judge each and every detail of this ever moving world. And this is used as the base for this Equinoctial Vermilion Eye! The world around them seems slower. And thus they become much faster. But this form is named the Final Form for a reason. Once one uses it, one is bound to lose their sight.

Increasing one's kinetic vision means that that person needs to receive a ton of information. And for that their blood vessels have to work over time, especially the ones near their eyes. So when one uses this form, they strain their eyes so much that their blood vessels are bound to burst and make them go blind for life. But no matter what, they are sure to be able to defend against any attack that might come at them.

#04 Honoikazuchi no Kami - Thunder Breathing Seventh Form

Zenitsu katana

Zenitsu is seen using only the first form of Thunder Breathing while he is in a fight. But that is not the only form he knows, he himself has a unique Thunder breathing form that he created. And considering his cowardice nature, it’s no surprise that this form is a defensive one.

Harnessing the innate nature of thunder, the wielder creates a powerful electrical field around himself. Using the nichirin sword as its focal point, this electric field forms a barrier, a barrier that helps repel any demon attacks coming at the wielder. Now tell me something, can thunder ever be contained? No right?! The same is true in the case of this move. As the lightning barrier is formed around the user, it takes on the shape of a dragon and rushes forward. Aat blinding speed that pulverizes anything within its path. A great example of both offense and defense. So when surrounded by demons, one can just use this form to escape with ease.

This form might be made by a coward but it is undoubtedly a must if one wishes to jump in and out of the enemy's den.

#03 Blooming Flame Undulation - Flame Breathing Fourth Form

Rengoku - Top 5 defensive moves in Demon Slayer

Kyojuro Rengoku had a brief period under the limelight, but the impression he left on the viewers and readers is immense. So much so that he is regularly on the poll for most favorite demon slayer characters. And the reason for this is not something like he is attractive, but because he was that much powerful and talented. He was able to use the Flame Breathing style fluidly in any situation he wished. And one such form that he executed in a manner which is different from the norm is the Fourth form, Blooming Flame Undulation.

This form is a simple circular slash of the katana sword. Nothing too flashy. But this simple move is enough to defend against the attacks of Upper Moon Demons! The circular motion creates a shield like flame barrier in front of the wielder. This shield stops and absorbs all attacks coming towards the user. Moreover, the user is hidden behind the flame barrier which allows them to take actions that the attacker is unable to see. We only saw this form once, but that one single time, it proved its effectiveness.

#02 Demon Slayer Mark Manifestation

During the final fight, to defeat Muzan, swords were not the only weapon against the demons. All the Hashiras had a unique weapon that actually had no physical form. It's the Demon Slayer Mark, a unique weapon created by the first ever demon slayer to help humanity survive. Throughout history only a few Demon Slayers were ever able to manifest this mark. And each of them had a unique trait to it.

For instance, when Tanjiro manifests the Mark, he is able to perceive others' feelings. In the case of Giyu, he became so fast that time seemed to have slowed down. And in the case of ex Flame Hashira, Rengoku, he could control flame. Despite such unique powers, they all have enhanced speed, stamina, strength and durability.

If one manifests the mark, they become durable enough to block a regular demon's attack with just their hands. And that’s not all, as one increases their proficiency of using the mark, they are further able to develop this durability. The only downside this technique has is the fact that it puts immense strain on the users body and mind.

#01 Dead Calm - Water Breathing Eleventh Form

Giyuu - Top 5 defensive moves in Demon Slayer

Water is a destructive force that demolishes anything in its path. But at the sametime this water, when left alone, will not cause any harm. In fact it will stop any kind of disturbance. The vibration caused by such disturbance will be absorbed, no such trace of the occurrence will be left. So when talking about the Water Breathing style used by the demon slayers, there has to be one or two such forms that are defensive to the core. Alas, there were no such forms in the original ten forms of Water Breathing style.

We say “were” because now, there is one all thanks to the Water Hashira, Giyu Tomioka. He created the Eleventh form of Water Breathing style, Dead Calm. Like the calm and tranquil water, the wielder ceases all movements and reaches the peace of both mind and body. This allows them to deflect, defend and even counter any attack coming at them at an incomprehensible speed. No matter how powerful the incoming attack is, it can be stopped in its track or dodged with ease. Not many breathing forms have such an omnipotent defensive move!

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