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Florida's knife laws are as simple as a law could be, but people still find themselves confused. Some places read that carrying knives are illegal, but they read that it is legal to have knives at other places. Though these statements seem contradictory, they would make total sense if a little bit of context is added to them. We shall guide you thoroughly concerning the knife laws in Florida.

Clarification: Concealed vs. Openly Carrying:

Before we go into Florida Knife laws' details, here is an important distinction (or clarification) that must be made. It is about concealed carrying and open carrying.

1.      Concealed Carrying

In concealed carrying, you are carrying a weapon, but it is entirely concealed, from the place where that weapon is harmful. In the case of a knife, the concealing would be a knife that is sheathed, i.e., it is not exposed.

2.      Open Carrying

Similarly, open carrying is when you carry a weapon, but it is completely exposed. Although people may argue open carrying is dangerous, it should be noted that it makes everyone aware of owning a weapon.

Interesting Details of Florida Knife Laws:

Concerning Florida's knife laws, here are some exciting details that you should know, especially if you are visiting the state:

You can Carry Any Knife Openly.

In Florida, you are allowed to carry any knife openly, with the exception of the ballistic knife. That means you are not to conceal them or hide them from others around you. It is because a concealed knife or any weapon implies a threat, and only criminals would opt for this option. Thus, you have to carry a knife openly so everyone can see you carrying it and be cautioned.

Concealed Pocket Knives are Legal

However, pocket knives that have a blade less than 4 inches are allowed to be concealed.

  • It must be because small pocket knives generally do not pose a serious threat and can seldom give serious harm to anyone.
  • However, if a pocket knife exceeds that length, you will only be allowed to carry it if it's open.

After all, you have no reason to carry such a huge knife, concealing it.

Ballistic Knives are Utterly Banned

Ballistic knives are banned even if you carry them openly or conceal them. It is because these knives pose a serious threat since they can be shot from a distance and go at a very high speed, just like a bullet. They are used mainly for military purposes, and ordinary people have no reason to carry them in public.

You need a Permit to carry Concealed Knives.

It should be noted that only authorized personnel are allowed to carry concealed knives, and they are the ones who have a permit or license to carry them. They usually are government officials or people who require it for a particular task, but that must be authorized, i.e., the authorities must be aware of its purpose. Moreover, people that require knives for professional duties may also get a permit.

You can Sell and Buy Knives Freely.

In Florida, it is entirely legal for you to buy, own and sell knives.

  • The only exception here is a ballistic knife. Other than that, there are no serious restrictions on trading knives.
  • The only restriction on you is carrying the knives in public, but that goes away if you carry them openly.

You can also sell them or buy them in public.

Knives that are Legal in Florida

Here are some of the knives that are legal for use in Florida. Technically, most of the knives are legal, but these are the categories that have been explicitly declared legal. They are as follows:

Pocket Knives

As we have mentioned before, pocket knives are the only knives you can conceal and carry in public. However, the only restriction here is that the knife should be about 4 inches or below that. 4 inches are about the side of a finger, and they generally are not too sharp and dangerous. People may need them for basic tasks, so they don't have to carry them openly.

Work Knives

Work knives, generally called utility knives, are also completely legal to be used in Florida and can be carried openly. These knives are used by professional workers, like the ones in construction or electricians. You will not see these knives in public commonly but are to be carried openly, mainly by the workers who will be needing them, at any place, or any time.

Disguised Knives

We see these kinds of knives every time in movies related to spies. Interestingly enough, you can even carry these knives in public. However, you must ensure that these knives are not concealed at all. Whether it be a knife that is disguised as a pen, a key, or a comb, you must carry them openly and have people aware of their existence.

Bowie Knives

We all tremble in fear when we hear of bowie knives. If you are not one of them, know that these knives are huge and sharp, strong enough to kill a person instantly. However, surprisingly, you are allowed to carry these knives too openly, though we will recommend against doing that because an accident could be catastrophic, with you having a high chance of being a victim.

Throwing Knives

We all remember ninjas when throwing knives come up. These knives may be called kunai more technically. Now, one may ask, if I can carry a throwing knife, why not a ballistic one? The thing is, the ballistic knives have a spring attached and maybe thrown forward at high speed, which indeed would be enough to kill someone.

Final Thoughts:

Now that you are completely aware of the Knife laws in Florida, you can go about carrying a knife the legal way however you want. If someone objects to it, you have the law's proof to provide them, so you don't have to worry about being detained or condemned.

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