Can I own knives legally in Tennessee?


In the past,people within Tennessee would feel so ambiguous with local kinfe law when they plan to own or carry certain knives as the law clauses are quite rague,and some municipal or county government even have more strick requirements than the state.But all this ended up with SB1771 in 2013,which repealed many restrictions.In addition,Section 7 of HB 581 includes a preemption rule,which forbidded the potencial confllicts between municipal,county government laws and State laws.Let’s take a look.


SB 1771 Tennessee Senate Bill

As enacted,makes lawful the sale,transfer,ownership,possession and transportation of switchblade knives with a blade length in excess of four inches;increase from $3,000 to $6,000 the maximum fine for possessing a switchblade knife with the intend to employ it during commission of a dangerous felony.-Amends TCA Title 39,Chapter 17,Part 13.


  This bill repeals several below restrictions on switchblade knives:

  • it removes switchblade knives from weapon list,enables it legal to own,sale,transfer or carry
  • It removes the offense of making a gift of switchblade knives to a minor,enables it legal for a minor to own or carry switchblade knives
  • It removes the offense of carrying kinves with blade exceeding four inches,enables it legal to own any length knives.
  • It increase the maximum fine from $3,000 to $6,000 when employ switchblade knives during commission of of dangerous felony.


In general,possesing or carrying any knives with any length is no longer a restriction now in Tennessee since July,2017,only one exception:on school property and with the intent to go armed.And no further knife laws update in Tennessee until today.


Contents in this article are just as reference for business activity,should not be relied upon to make any legal dicisions.

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