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The Oklahoma state enacted Bill No.1159,which became effective from November 1,2016.And it removed dagger, bowie knife, dirk knife and sword cane from weapon list that are unlaw to carry.

Section 1272. UNLAWFUL CARRY
A.It shall be unlawful for any person to carry upon or about his or her person, or in a purse or other container belonging to the person, any pistol, revolver, shotgun or rifle whether loaded or unloaded or any dagger, bowie knife, dirk knife, sword cane, blackjack, loaded cane, billy, hand chain, metal knuckles, or any other offensive weapon, whether such weapon be concealed or unconcealed
B. Any person convicted of violating the foregoing provision shall be guilty of a misdemeanor punishable as provided in Section 1276 of this title.

Let’s say,however,if your knives are regarded as tools,not offensive weapons,then could carry legally,no blade length restriction,no open or concealed carry limits.But if as offensive weapons,sorry but it’s unlawful.

Then we came up with a question,when knives can be regarded as offensive weapons and when not?Well,there isn’t clear enough defination from Oklahoma law,but depends on discretion of the judge in individual cases and trials.

But it’s quite clear that knives are totally prohibited in school or school grounds.Besides,below situations shall now prohibit:
1. The proper use of guns and knives for hunting, fishing, educational or recreational purposes;
2. The carrying or use of weapons in a manner otherwise permitted by statute or authorized by the Oklahoma Self-Defense Act;
3. The carrying, possession and use of any weapon by a peace officer or other person authorized by law to carry a weapon in the performance of official duties and in compliance with the rules of the employing agency;
4. The carrying or use of weapons in a courthouse by a district judge, associate district judge or special district judge within this state, who is in possession of a valid handgun license issued pursuant to the provisions of the Oklahoma Self-Defense Act and whose name appears on a list maintained by the Administrative Director of the Courts;
5. The carrying and use of firearms and other weapons provided in this subsection when used for the purpose of living history reenactment. For purposes of this paragraph, "living history reenactment" means depiction of historical characters, scenes, historical life or events for entertainment, education, or historical documentation through the wearing or use of period, historical, antique or vintage clothing, accessories, firearms, weapons, and other implements of the historical period

In general,people no need to worry too much when carrying knives in Oklahoma as knives aren’t offensive weapons in most cases nowadays.Besides state knife law has preemption in Oklahoma and no further additions to current laws by today.

Contents in this article are just as reference for business activity,should not be relied upon to make any legal dicisions.

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