What knives comply with Arizona knife laws?


If you own or plan to buy,sell,trade knives in Arizona,you need to ensure the knives comply with Arizona knife laws.Although Arizona has the most friendly knife laws among all 50 states,it still has restrictions on owners’ age,knife type and carrying occasions.


Arizona Knife Laws at a Glance:

Persons 21 and older may carry deadly weapons concealed on the person or in one’s immediate control within a vehicle.

Persons under the age of 21 may carry a pocket knife concealed on the person or in one’s immediate control in a cehicle.


That’s to say,if you’re under 21,you’re just allowed to carry openly or concealedly pocket kinfe.But what’s pocket knife?There isn’t specific defination from Arizona knife law,we generally suggest certain folding knife to be carried in pocket,be opened or closed manually,not automaticly or by gravity.

If you’re 21 or older,Arizona laws grants you the right to own,buy,sell,trade or carry,openly or concealedly, any type and any length knives as knives are generally regarded as tools,not deadly weapons in Arizona.

But there’re also exceptions,such as a polling place on any election day,school grounds,hydoelectric facilities,nyclear facilities,scene of crime,terrorist activity,no knives are allowed to be carried,including pocket kinves.

In addition,if one person is contacted by a law enforcement officer and asked if he is armed,he must report truthfully if he posses knives, but pocket kinves except.


Actually Arizona kinfe law not maintain the same all the time.Before 2011,you even couldn’t find uniform knife laws within Arizona.The knife laws separate,sometimes even conflict from city to city,which brings a big trouble to people when travelling within Arizona as you may break the law sometimes even though you’re legally allowed to own or carry the knives in your own city.

Furtunately the issuing of Section 13-3120 of the Arizona State Statutes bring such inconformity to an end in 2011.So nowadays people no need worry so much when travel with knives within Arizona,but still need to pay attention when travel across Arizona to other states.


Contents in this article are just as reference for business activity,should not be relied upon to make any legal dicisions.

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