Is katana legal in Australia?



Is katana legal in AustraliaSwords are generally not classified as prohibited weapons in Australia, except in Victoria where you couldn't carry weapons like flick knives, daggers or swords without a special exemption or police permit. 

Consequently, if you are a Victorian, make sure you have the Prohibited Weapons Permit and are over 18 before buying a Katana or sword.If you are from other states in AU, there is no permit or license needed, but you must obey local and state laws.

Nevertheless, if a sword is concealed or appears to be something other than a sword, for example, hidden in a walking stick, it is classified as a prohibited weapon, and you need obtain a special permit to possess it.

Additionally, you cannot possess any offensive implements, such as swords, in a public place or school without reasonable excuse under Section 11B of the Summary Offenders Act 1988.

State laws may update from time to time, so please check with your State Police Headquarters regularly.

One last point, you may worry if can bring your Katana or sword that bought overseas into Australia, actually it’s totally allowed if declare the Katana or sword to Dept of Immigration and Border Protection on your return to Australia.


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