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Welcome to the world of swords, If this is your first time buying a Katana, online or offline, it could be a fun, yet overwhelming process. There is excess information out there and you might have a hard time deciding what to buy now. No worries, in this post we will break down the important points to consider when buying your first samurai sword. Transfer you from a noob to someone who knows their swords. Let’s begin.

Introduction to Real Katana

A Katana, also known as a Samurai sword, is a deadly weapon carried by ancient Japanese Samurai. A Katana plays such an important role in the life of a Samurai, he is basically born and dies with his Katana.

The unique design of a Katana is famous, consist of a long blade, slightly-curved blade, normally 60cm (23 inch) long. It has a long grip to allow the samurai to use two hands. Katana also has a circular or square guard to protect the hands and add balance, known as “Tsuba”, added aesthetic beauty to the whole sword. 

Japanese Katana

Know what you are shopping for

Katana is a symbol of Samurai tradition and become worldwide popular in many movies, anime, games, and art. Nowadays you can find Katana toys, props, wooden Katana (bokken), decorative Katana, Iaido Katana, and real Katana. 

If you are looking for a decorative piece, for display only, the appearance matters most. Stainless steel blade is a good choice because it is easy to maintain, even store in open air for a long time. 

If you want a true Samurai warrior experience, then a real Katana is what you need. A real katana sword should be able to withstand reasonable abuse, keep the edge sharp, be properly constructed and well balanced. Real katana should be handled with care and respect, because it is a real weapon. 

#1 Factor to consider when buying a Katana

At some point you will become picky on the small details of the Katana, Saya, Tsuba, Ito etc. But right now, Steel of the blade is the most important factor to consider when buying a Real Samurai sword. The performance of the a Katana rely heavily on this. Here we will break down the most common blade materials for you:

  1. Carbon Steel: It has high carbon concentration than other type of steel, it is very strong and hard, holds the sharp edge. 
  2. Manganese Steel: Has a greater degree of resilience against lateral bends and is able to spring back to its original shape even after being bent nearly 90 degrees. 
  3. T10 Steel: A high speed tool steel, has the Ability to keep and hold a sharp edge and be tough at the same time, it is more expensive than the other. 

For beginner, we do recommend you to try out the Manganese Steel, it is budget friendly and delivery good performance, relatively easy to maintain. Check out our Manganese Steel katana collection here:

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