Top 5 Cursed Swords in Anime


Top 5 Cursed Swords in Anime

Top 5 Cursed Swords in Anime

Gather a hundred or more anime fans and ask them to rank their favorite characters. We bet you that among the characters they chose, at least 50% of them would be someone who uses a sword or Katana as their primary weapon. That's because using a sword makes one cool by default. But even among the sword users, there are some who stand out. These are the people who have a cursed sword in their arsenal.

Such a bias-ness is because a cursed weapon is always way more powerful than a normal one. And if it's a cursed sword, the power level reaches a whole different rank. One can not simply go against a cursed sword even with the best and sharpest blade. To counter a cursed blade, you need to have a similar blade of your own.

But what are the best-cursed swords? To be honest, there are not that many cursed swords in anime. But among the ones that exist, finding the best is a tedious task. That is why here are the top 5 cursed swords in anime.

#5 Totsuka No Tsurugi Wielder: Itachi Uchiha Anime: Naruto Shippuden

Totsuka - Top 5 Cursed Swords in Anime

Naruto and Naruto Shippuden have shown that the Uchihas are the most formidable opponents. They possess some of the most overpowered Jutsus in the entire series. But the most overpowered of them all is the use of Susanoo. And among all the Susanoos, Itachi's Susanoo is probably the scariest one. That's because it wields the Totsuka no Tsurugi.

This sword is not like a conventional sword that remains in a sheath. But it is an ethereal sword that is stored in a gourd. And when this sword stabs or cuts a living thing, that living thing is not simply dead. It instead seals the soul of that being within the sword in a world of Genjutsu.

It is the most powerful sword within the Naruto universe for its sealing powers. Even the most irreversible curse that Orochimaru had left on Sasuke was sealed thanks to this sword. But as Itachi died, the sword went to the underworld along with him as it was attached to his Susanoo.

#4 Sandai Kitetsu Wielder: Roronoa Zoro Anime: One Piece

Sandai Kitetsu Top 5 Cursed Swords in Anime

Now before all of the Zoro fanboys start shouting, read the reason behind giving his Kitetsu the fourth spot. Sandai Kitetsu or any other Kitetsu of the series is not a cursed sword in the truest sense. In fact, none of the cursed swords in One Piece are truly cursed.

The concept of cursed swords was first introduced to the story back in Loguetown when Zorowas looking to buy Katana from a shop. At that time, Sandai Kitetsu was introduced as a sword that had a bloody past. This sword is a sword that seeks death.

Later in Whisky Peak, Zoro claimed that Sandai Kitetsu tends to cut more than he intends to. But many arcs later, in the Wano arc it was confirmed that a sword is never truly cursed, it just wants to taste blood more than other swords. And this simple reason is enough to make Sandai Kitetsu one of the top cursed swords in anime.

#3 Mahiru No Yo Wielder: Guren Ichinose Anime: Seraph of the End

Mahiru -Top 5 Cursed Swords in Anime

To be honest, Mahiru is not a weapon but a demon. She is a possession-type demon from the Black demon series, the strongest and most ruthless among the demons. But to Guren, she is a simple cursed gear. When Guren uses her as a gear, she takes on the form of a Katana.

The black Katana with crimson glowing streaks looks sinister by itself. But it is not only the looks that change but also the powers. This sword can increase Gurens physical abilities manifolds. When the blade wounds its opponent, the wound is instantaneously cursed. It fizzles at first and when the curse is activated, the wound dissolves causing incomparable pain.

If that was not enough, this sword can even possess the one who wields it. When Guren invokes Mahiru's real demonic name, she can possess him. This possession is not for show as in this state he can wield hellfire at command.

#2 Demon-Slayer Sword Wielder: Asta

Anime: Black Clover

Asta- Top 5 Cursed Swords in Anime

Asta is one of the most annoying kids in the anime world. But the weapon he wields is not a joke. This weapon is one that sucks in magic. No matter the form of magic, this broadsword has the ability to cut through and even negate it.

In a world entirely dependent on magic, this sword is like a poison. It can counter any magic you throw at. And the worst part is, no one can wield the sword. That's because as soon as they hold it, this sword starts to suck in all the magic powers from the holder.

It is a sword that is meant for Asta who has zero magic powers. Demon-Slayer with Asta becomes the boon for not only the strongest mage but even the king of the devils, Lucifero. Within the Black Clover world, the Demon-Slayer Sword is a cursed sword for all but Asta.

#1 Murasame Wielder: Akame Anime: Akame Ga Kill

Akame Ga kill Top 5 Cursed Swords in Anime

In Akame Ga Kill, Akame is shown to be able to one-shot almost all opponents. The reason behind her overpoweredness is her sword Murasame. It is a sword that guarantees that a single cut is enough to kill anyone.

And the reason behind this ludicrous power is the curse of this sword. Any cut made by this sword, no matter how shallow it is, marks the wound with a curse. The curse spreads throughout the victim's body, killing them in seconds.

One can't simply hope to survive when inflicted by a wound from this sword. Because there is no antidote to this curse. And even if there was an antidote, the victim will die fast enough that there would be no time for the antidote to take effect. This is the ultimate cursed sword as it doesn't even differentiate between friends and foes.

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