Top 5 Nichirin Katana in Demon Slayer


Top 5 Nichirin Katana in Demon Slayer

Top 5 Nichirin Katana in Demon Slayer

When it comes to demon slaying, two weapons are considered the best of the best. These are the guns and swords. But even within them, a demon slayer katana is the most iconic one. That's because a katana makes a fight with a demon ten times more awesome.

Now take this awesomeness and put it in an anime. What would you get? Some of the best weapons and fight scenes in the world of entertainment. The anime Demon Slayer did exactly that. This show is filled with katanas called Nichirin blades which are meant to slay demons. There are too many to choose from.

This is why it is tough finding the best Nichirin blade to fit your taste. Every blade is unique not only in shape but also color. So while choosing in terms of aesthetic, the process is easy. But finding the most powerful one can be a bit daunting as the blade's color signifies the Breathing style of its wielder. For your ease, here are the top 5 Nichirin katana in Demon Slayer.

#5 Yellow Blade

Zenitsu katana Top 5 Nichirin Katana in Demon Slayer

Wielders: Zenitsu Agastuma, Jigoto Kuwajima, Kaigaku

Thunder Breathing style is considered one of the most powerful styles within the story. That's because this style is one of the direct variants of Sun Breathing. But only two users have been shown in the story who use this style.

The users of Thunder Breathing use the Yellow Nichirin blades. It is a blade that can be associated with speed and explosive power. That's because as we all know thunder or lightning is one of the most devastating powers in nature the same is true for this breathing style.

Within the series we see Zenitsu using his Yellow blade to create variations of the single breathing technique he knows, the first form of the Thunder Breathing style. Despite knowing only one technique, he was able to overpower a former Twelve Kizuki, the direct bloodline of Muzan.

Using a Yellow blade enhances the speed along with the breathing technique and makes one impossible to follow!

#4 Blue Blade

Giyuu -Top 5 Nichirin Katana in Demon Slayer

Wielders: Giyu Tomioka, Sakonji Urokodaki

Probably the most important Hashira we meel in the story is Giyu Tomioka. And this was the first time we were introduced to the Demon Slayer Corps. But many seem to forget that this was also the first time ever we saw a Nichirin blade. And to make things more intriguing, the color of this blade is Blue!

This color is connected to the Water Breathing style. The basics of water breathing is to be calm and perceive the shortest path. If one's mind is clouded with useless thoughts, he/she will never be able to master this breathing style. And this is what the Blue blade helps to improve.

With its calm and soothing blue hue, one gets calm no matter how turbulent a situation they are in. It aids all the ten techniques of Water Breathing style by making the blade flow like water. Unlike the Yellow blade, this one does not improve the speed but helps the wielder by finding the shortest path to its target. And this is the reason why Giyu was able to develop the Eleventh form, Deep Calm.

#3 Red Blade

Rengoku Top 5 Nichirin Katana in Demon Slayer

Wielders: Kyojuro Rengoku, Shinjuro Rengoku

Red is the second most ominous color in terms of weapons. That's because this color is associated with flames. The same is true for Nichirin blades. All the Flame Breathing style users we see in the story are the proud owners of Red blades. But there is one thing that is inherently different for red blades compared to the other ones.

It is the fact that Scarlet ore is used to make this blades along with Nichirin. This enables the blade to withstand the immense heat created from using Flame Breathing style. If not for this, the katana is sure to melt before even cutting a single demon. Not only can it withstand the heat but it also helps generate more.

In his fight with the Upper Rank Three of the Twelve Kizuki, Kyojuro was able to hold his ground all thanks to his blade. The fight might have ended with a loss but the blade really helped him stall for long enough to save others. That's because in the tight situation, he was able to break his limits and produce heat comparable to the sun. And it was his blade that made that possible.

#2 Purple Blade

Wielder: Kokushibo (Michikatsu Tsugikuni)

Kokushibo -Top 5 Nichirin Katana in Demon Slayer

This is not a blade owned by any normal demon slayer. In fact it is one used by the demon, Kokushibo. He is not a normal demon as he is the Upper Rank One among the Twelve Kizukis. This just comes to show how powerful this blade is to be able to aid the immense techniques used by him.

It has not appeared in anime but when it does it is sure to cause a massive uproar. That's because the breathing style associated with this color is the Moon Breathing style. It is the literal opposite of the Sun Breathing style, the origin of all breathing techniques. Unlike the original, this style has simple but devastating moves.

And to make things even better, this sword got an immense powerup after being infused with demon arts. Despite being a katana wielded by a demon, this sword can cut demons like butter. That's because Kokushibo is no ordinary demon but a Demon Slayer turned demon.

#1 Black Blade

Tanjiro - Top 5 Nichirin Katana in Demon Slayer

Wielders: Tanjiro Kamado, Yoriichi Tsugikuni

When it comes to Breathing styles, the most powerful one is undoubtedly the Sun Breathing style. This is not only because it is the first ever Demon-slaying Breathing style but also the style from which other styles were derived from. And the black blade is the one which relates to this style.

Initially the Black Nichirin blade was considered to be cursed. That's because whenever a Black blade wielder appeared, they were the first ones to die in demon extermination expeditions. That's because it was the only blade that was able to touch and seriously injure Muzan!

Only after Tanjiro started wielding it was the true potential of the weapon revealed. It is without a doubt the best Demon Slayer Katana!

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