Top 5 Swords Still to Appear in Anime


Top 5 Swords Still to Appear in Anime

Top 5 Swords Still to Appear in Anime

Most of the famous swords seen in the prop market are the ones that have already been featured in the anime. That's because most people prefer anime over manga. But there are quite a few mangas out there that are yet to be animated. And these manga chapters are filled with characters and weapons which when animated, will surely turn into one of the favorites.

Among the yet to appear weapons, there are quite a few swords that have been seen in the manga. These manga katana or swords are sure to rise a storm when they appear in anime. No matter how hardcore manga fan you are, you have to agree that animation makes things ten times better.

If you go looking for such manga katana, you will not be able to find many because no one sees the weapons a character uses but what that character is like. So it is a hard task finding swords that are still to appear in anime. but you will not have to look far for we have gathered the top 5 swords still to appear in anime, and when they do, it is sure to turn the fan base upside down.

#5 Vagabond's Katana

Vagabond - Top 5 Swords Still to Appear in Anime

Anime: Vagabond

Wielder: Musashi Miyamoto

The Vagabond banga is one of the most underrated mangas out there. It has a fierce and gore filled storyline similar to Berserk, but all of those take place in Sengoku era Japan. So you already know that this manga is a banger. Despite this, it is a depressing fact that it has not been animated yet.

We all hope it gets its own anime for one of the main characters, Musashi Miyamoto, will take on the fandom similar to how Guts took them on. And similar to Guts, Musashi has a sword that will be considered a legendary weapon. This sword or katana wielded by Musashi is not over the top like Guts Dragon Slayer but it has a certain pull to it.

The manga katana used by Musashi is a standard Sengoku era katana. There are no significant characteristics to it. But still when one sees the katana, they instantly know who the owner is. The standard curved blade with round hilt gives the katana its unique look and the way Musashi wields it makes the katana one of the deadliest.

#4 Mai's Cursed Tool

Maki Top 5 Swords Still to Appear in Anime

Anime: Jujutsu Kaisen

Wielder: Maki Zenin

Jujutsu Kaisen is a manga filled with Cursed Tools. Each tool has its unique design and powers. The same is true for all the weapons wielded by Maki Zenin, one of Satoru Gojo's treasured students. She can skillfully use all weapons, swords, spears, nunchucks, you name it.

But among the innumerable weapons she has, there is one that stands out, it's Mai's Sword. Maki's sister Mai has the Cursed ability to create any weapon she wishes. This made her superior to Maki. So during their attack on the Zenin clan, Maki was in a tight spot. She lost almost her whole arsenal.

When all seemed lost, Mai used her final life force to create a sword that was far above any that Maki had ever used. Only then was Maki able to kill her father and then take on the entire Zenin clan. She lost a lot but gained her sister's trust. When this arc gets animated, the Jujutsu Kaisen fans will surely lose their minds.

#3 Kenpachi's Bankai

Kenpachi Top 5 Swords Still to Appear in Anime

Anime: Bleach

Wielder: Kenpachi Zaraki

Among all the thirteen Gotei Captains,Kenpachi was an exception. That's because while all the captains had their Bankai revealed, Kenpachi was still using his Shiki, Nozarashi. While some people perceived him to be weak for not being able to use his Bankai, true fans knew that this wasn't even his final form.

So in the manga, when Kenpachi finally obtained his Bankai, everyone lost their mind. It was as over the top as everyone expected. And if this Bankai form makes its debut in the anime world, all the bleach fans will surely change their favorite scene from Ichigo's Getsuga Tensou to this.

That's because when Kenpachi releases his Bankai, he becomes a true berserker. He loses all his ability to sense spirits, he can't see, hear or smell any of them. He

becomes a true demon-like monster who relies on his natural instincts to hunt down his foes. It's a perfect fit for his violent nature.

#2 Purple Nichirin Blade

Kokushibo -Top 5 Swords Still to Appear in Anime

Anime: Demon Slayer

Wielder: Kokushibo (Michikatsu Tsugikuni)

Among all the demon slayer katana, the Black Nichirin blade is the most powerful one. There is no one who can refute this. But there is one other Nichirin blade that has the same potential as the Black blade, its Purple Nichirin blade.

This blade has not appeared in the anime yet but when it appeared in manga it caused an uproar. That's because the Katana is a bit special. It has the purple hue which signifies the Moon Breathing style. This style is unique and its sole user is Michikatsu Tsugikuni, the twin brother of Yoriichi Tsugikuni, father of Demon Slayer Corps.

So when this katana appears in the anime the fans will surely flip out. This will not only flesh out the lore but also show how desperately weak the Hashira's are. The purple blade will signify the end of many.

#1 Shodai Kitetsu

Anime: One Piece

Wielder: Unknown

Unlike the previous four swords we talked about, this one is a bit different. The Shodai Kitetsu has yet to appear even in the manga! But considering the immense hype that this sword has already built, it is safe to say its reveal will be extraordinary.

That's because it's one of the 12 Supreme Grade swords in One Piece. There is no other sword that has a greater potential than this one. And to make the sword even more mysterious, it is the best among the Kitetsu series, a cursed sword series known for its blood filled history. So when finally this sword shows its face, be sure the fanbase will go wild!

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