Samurai swords for sale in Canada


   Samurai swords for sale in Canada

If you plan to buy a samurai sword in Canada, you may wonder first if it’s legal to own a samurai sword. Well, don’t worry, as a samurai sword or Katana is not defined as a prohibited weapon or restricted weapon in Canada. So yes, you can legally own a samurai sword in Canada.

But before placing your samurai sword order, you need to decide the purpose of your samurai sword, for practicing, actual cutting or just for collections? Don’t worry if you are new to Katana and don’t know where to start, here we rate the best choices of steel that serves different purpose:

  1. Cutting / Tameshigiri 

Actually using the Katana is what most people wanted, the feeling of swing a real katana and slice an object into half is Unmatchable. We do recommend our customers to go out there and try the Katana for real, it’s a tool, so use it, have fun! 

Choice of material we recommend is Manganese Steel, for entry level Katana. It’s more flexible than Carbon Steel, not easy to break and absorb the shock of cutting well. 

2) Practicing

If you practice Iaido and already familiar with moves with a Bokken (wooden Katana) , it’s time to move on to real swords. For safety reason, you can choose unsharp Katana for practice. Choice of material we recommend carbon steel, with Bo-hi preferred to reduce the weight, so you can perform with a smooth motion. 

3) Collection / Display

For display purpose, we should be looking for beautiful details especially on the blade. Pattern steel is highly recommended for display. It is forged by combining carbon steel and manganese steel, folded layers by layers and forms unique patterns. Each Pattern steel sword has its own unique patterns. 

When you know clearly the purpose of your samurai sword, it’s much easier to choose suitable online. Next thing we should pay attention to is shipping. Canada is large, if you are buying oversea, make sure they use reputable shipping carrier, express service like UPS is preferred so you don’t need to wait months, and less time in transportation reduce the chance of damage to the Katana.

Import Tax various from provinces to provinces, for your reference, what we saw from most shipments, our customers paid 0 to about 5% import tax. 

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