Katana Sageo One of the most important accessories on samurai sword you should know


Everything You Need To Know About Sageo

Sageo is one of the most beautiful and intriguing parts of a Japanese sword. It is made of silk, cotton, leather, and so on to pass through the Kurigata. Multiple knots and patterns can be made with a Sageo in the Katana. This guide will help you to learn more about Sageo.

What Is Sageo(下緒)?

A Sageo is a hanging thread that is passed through the Kurigata of a Japanese sword. It mostly serves display purposes since the user can make several knots and ties using the Sageo but is also used to hold the katana when not in use. At the same time, it is an important part of the sword as Sageo secures the scabbard to the wielder.

Sageo comes in multiple colors, styles, lengths, and designs. It is a historical part of the Japanese swords that have been in practice even to this day. The wielders of Sageo attach the scabbard to their belts for the ease of carrying it around. Many users make different knots and patterns using the Sageo for a variety of reasons.  

What’s The Usage Of Sageo?

The use of Sageo ranges from a variety of unexpected but useful causes. For instance, it is used for tying the katana to the obi. This prevents the clothes from getting in the way during a sword fight. Sageos have been known for binding defeated opponents, who are also known as Hojojutsu. 

In addition, Sageo is primarily used for securing the scabbard of a Katana to the samurai’s belt, popularly known as Obi. Many times, it serves as a sentimental element for the sword’s wielder. This happens because historically many samurai used to believe that Sageo creates a spiritual bond between the sword and its user. So, it is a highly influential element for them.

What Are The Common Materials Of Sageo?

Sageo is made of a variety of materials. At the same time, they come with designs where more than one material may be in use. Most commonly, the materials of Sageo include cotton, leather, silk, rayon, high-end polyester, and many more. One of the most popular materials of Sageo is silk and leather. Real leather is often used to make Sageo of high quality and endurance. 

Additionally, when the Sageo is made of different intricate designs and patterns, more than one material may be present in it. In most cases, the color of the Sageo matches or compliments the handle wrap of the Katana. So, leather, silk, cotton, etc. materials are most often used to make Sageo.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What Is Sageo Used For?

Ans: Sageo is used for securing the sword’s scabbard to the user’s belt or Obi. It also serves other purposes including aesthetic factors and spiritual correspondence.

  1. What Is The Sageo Made Of?

Ans: Sageo is made of materials like cotton, leather, silk, rayon, polyester, and many more.

  1. How Long Is A Sageo?

Ans: The length of a Sageo can differ from one user to the other depending on their preferences. Most commonly, the length of a Sageo is around 70 to 80 inches. You can of course ask for a customized length in your custom katana.


Undoubtedly, Sageo is an intricate and influential part of a Katana. It can serve a variety of useful purposes. At the same time, it can serve the spiritual and aesthetic requirements of the Katana. So, make sure you carefully choose the Sageo when you are buying your Katana. Thanks for reading till the end, for more katana parts, please check this guide.

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